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Dental Tips from Your Dentist | Dr Ajay Krishna Contact Now: +91 9603172172 |

Slide2: There is a saying that one should visit a dental doctor for every three months to maintain oral hygiene. But that is all in the past, experts now say that small tips in our lifestyle can make a big difference in our dental routine. Read the below dental tips to avoid any emergency dental appointments. Foods that whiten your teeth naturally

Slide3: If you are searching for a gentler way to smile, mother nature helps you in giving organic ways to protect your smile and brighten it as never before. Several foods which we take in our daily lives contains some key components that shield teeth from decay. Foods such as Broccoli – it acts as a natural toothbrush. Oranges – Everything is in its peel. Rub the inner part, the white portion to the enamel. Strawberries – Brush your teeth with strawberry paste and baking soda. Carrots – Rub the roots against the teeth. Cheese – Consuming healthy amount of cheese helps to guard teeth against future decay.

Slide4: Are you brushing your teeth too often? If your answer is yes, you are doing a bad thing. Too much of anything is bad, likewise, over brushing your teeth. It will thin out enamel, thus the teeth will become more brittle. Experts recommend that it is advisable to brush twice a day for about two minutes, which removes plaque and avoid cavities. One of the most  Dental Care Tips that are repeatedly told by dentists to their patients is that they shouldn’t use force on teeth while brushing, if so, teeth will lose its sensitivity.

Slide5: How to Prevent Red Wine from Staining Your Teeth? Everyone loves wine. A glass of wine every day is healthy in so many ways but it leaves stains on your teeth when it consumed frequently. We have gathered expert’s opinion on this: Sip water in between glasses Eat while you drink Drink wine out of a straw Skip the white wine  Brush your teeth before going out Use these  dental hygiene tips  next time when you are out for a party if you don’t want to get embarrassed in front of your friends with that purple smile instead of pearly whites.

Slide6: Chew more gum:  While it is wrong in some contexts, it is perfectly healthy otherwise. It removes debris and produces extra saliva which washes away old food particles. However, it depends on the type of gum you chew that makes a difference in whether it’s helpful or harmful to your teeth. Certain gums contain sugar increase the chances of developing a cavity. Chewing sugar-free after meals rinses off the left overs and neutralizes the acids released by the bacteria in plaque. There is clinical evidence that demonstrates that the chewing or even the flavor of the artificial sweeteners in the gum stimulates saliva flow for ten times than usual times. Don’t Brush (right away):  You have read it right. Dentists from  Focus Dental Care,  one of the   Best Dental Implantologists in India   would never suggests you to brush your teeth right after eating the food. It is important to wait for at least 30 minutes to brush, especially if you have taken acidic food. If you need more tips on dental hygiene, our specialists in  Focus Dental Care,   Dental Implants Clinic in Gachibowli , Hyderabad  can help a great deal.

Slide7: Focus Dental Care is Hyderabad’s premier Dental Implant center with multiple locations. Our experienced team of Dentists believe in educating and make patients understand the best treatment options available. Focus Dental Care offers wide range of Dental services. General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Dental Implants , Fixed Teeth in 3 days [ Single and Multiple Implants ] To schedule an  Appointment  please call 040 – 65402525 (or) +91 9603172172

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