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Gum disease treatment in India for Periodontal Disease is getting appreciation. Many adults as well as young children suffer from it in India. Periodontal


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Gum Disease Specialist in India | Dr Ajay Krishna Contact Now: +91 9603172172 | info@focusdentalcare.com www.focusdentalcare.com What is the Main Cause of Gum Disease ? Dr Ajay Krishna BDS, MBBS Prosthodontist and Implantologist B.P.S Specialist Fellowship I.C.O.I (USA


www.focusdentalcare.com Gum disease treatment in India  for Periodontal Disease is getting appreciation. Many adults as well as young children suffer from it in India. Periodontal diseases ranges from simple gum inflammation to serious disease resulting in damages to the teeth. The disease can be slowed, prevented or get severe, it all boils down to a fact whether you care or not for the oral hygiene.


www.focusdentalcare.com Symptoms : Bad breath Red or swollen gums Tender or bleeding gums Painful chewing Loose teeth Sensitive teeth Receding gums or longer appearing teeth Treatment : The main purpose of treatment is to control the infection and stop the spreading.


www.focusdentalcare.com 1)       Deep Cleaning : The dentist will seek to remove the plaque present in the gums with effective use of process called scaling. Scaling means scraping off the tartar from above and below the gum line . 2)       Medications : Medications may be used with treatment that includes scaling and root planning but they are not a standalone solution for dental problems . 3)       Surgical Treatment : Many dentists including the  best dentist in Gachibowli  will look at surgery as one off operation in case of severe problems.  Two types of surgery practiced to alleviate the gum disease problems.


www.focusdentalcare.com a)      Flap Surgery Flap surgery is undertaken to reduce the periodontal pocket and make it easier for the patient, dentist, and hygienist to keep the area clean. The surgery is all about lifting the gums and removing the tartar. After the due success of the surgery, the gums would heal and fit tightly around the teeth . b)      Bone and Tissue Grafts Due to Periodontal disease, one can see the impact of it on the loss of gum tissue and teeth. Bone grafting, in which natural or synthetic bone is placed in the area of bone loss, can help promote bone growth . Every dental case is unique in itself and only the dentists will be best equipped to handle the problems. Treatment varies with severity of the gum disease in the patients and dentist works to clear the problems with ease.


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