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The world of miniature gardens is growing, changing, and evolving. There is always something new to discover! So, what is popping up in the stylish miniature garden this season? Let us find out.


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Stylish Miniature Gardens Florence Blum Writes on Miniature Gardening’s fairy garden accessory collection including the dollhouse furniture & fairy houses from ‘Miniature Gardening’


The world of miniature gardens is growing, changing, and evolving. There is always something new to discover! So, what is popping up in the stylish miniature garden this season? Let us find out.


• Wedding Accessories Everyone knows that spring and summer are prime time for wedding season. If you hear church bells in your neighborhood and spot happy couples saying, “I do,” everywhere you look, why not spread some of that love into your miniature garden. A Fairy Bride and Fairy Groom will get you started. Visit the Wedding category for miniature accessories you will need, including churches, furniture, arbors, and even fairy dust for that romantic, fairy garden feeling.


• Sign Language Fairies One of the most unique and beautiful things about miniature gardens is their ability to include and celebrate all kinds of people, animals, and friends. These brand-new Sign Language fairies are little fairies with huge hearts. Carys, Elani, Ian, and Pazi each share their own unique message. Mix and match the set, but be sure to introduce them to the other fairy friends in your garden.


• Child-Friendly Miniature Accessories Perhaps your miniature garden is a favorite space for little ones to play and explore. Sometimes, small accessories can pose a concern. Why not give the littlest boys and girls in your life an opportunity to create their own gardens. CreataDream Flower Fairies are made with the youngest ages in mind. These fairies are safety-tested and made of durable plastic. Check out the Peter Rabbit collection to share classic stories and characters that children will love.


• New Animals What brightens up a miniature garden more than some new wildlife? There are all sorts of interesting new animals in shops. The Fairy and Owl with Pick will add the right amount of woodland charm to the fairy garden, and this fairy rider, miniature accessory is part of a six-piece collection that includes backyard birds. If your garden is less of a floral oasis and more of a wild jungle, you might prefer an elephant. Pick one that likes to sit in the shade of a fairy garden and enjoy a good book.


• Trolls, Pixies, and More A fairy garden is more than just miniature plants and garden accessories. It needs a little life! When you are thinking about the right characters to add to your garden, you may choose fairies or animals. Have you ever considered some close friends of the fairies…pixies and trolls? Pixies have tender hearts, round faces, pointy ears, and the biggest teeth you have ever seen! What they lack in wings, pixies make up for in fun. They love animals and can often be found lounging with frogs, bunnies, and more.


Trolls, on the other hand, give your garden a distinctive look. They are almost so ugly that they are cute! These pointy-nosed, grayish-green, hat wearing, miniature friends love to hang out in the garden swamp. With names like Clementine, Crocker, Merle, Ray, and Remy they will bring big personality to even the smallest miniature garden. When fairy gardens were first introduced into the gardening world, the designers produced miniature accessories focusing on a couple of seasons. Now, new products are available throughout the year so you can make your miniature garden a stylish, fresh, and fun place to visit.


Miniature Gardening offers fairy houses, accessories, fairies, furniture to create enchanting miniature landscapes for containers or your yard. Story telling and imaginary fairy garden from 'Miniature Gardening' bring the playful kid out in all of us. Filled with intrigue and mystique each little miniature garden scene you create is a snapshot of such a dream. Thank you for spending your precious time in reading this article!

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