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Fireplace accessories are great additions and are increasingly becoming popular as they glorify the fireplace and make it an extraordinary one.


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Fireplace Accessories :

Fireplace Accessories Style the Heart of the Room

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Fireplace accessories are great additions and are increasingly becoming popular as they glorify the fireplace and make it an extraordinary one. Fireplace finds its way in contemporary homes too, big reason why homeowners keep finding ways to adorn the fireplace. Styling the fireplace speaks volumes of individual taste as well as personality. It is therefore essential to pick right accessories that add charm to the fireplace rather than overdoing it. A lot of ideas are available in the internet, one can take inspiration from such websites or can even consult an interior decorator.

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Fireplace Screen :

Fireplace Screen Fireplace screen is an extremely elegant addition and is a firm, unbend-able structure positioned directly in front of the fireplace opening. The folded screen is built using 3-5 panels and is placed few inches outside the fireplace. One can find array of styles including plain, folding, to elaborate pieces of art that suit the decor of almost all homes be it Conventional, Contemporary, Antique or Country. One even has the options to choose from wide range of materials like steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, copper, polished iron and stained glass.

Fireplace Tools :

Fireplace Tools Fireplace tools are essential for working fireplaces especially for maintenance. The tools not only help homeowner to keep the fire burning but also are a great aid during cleaning when the fire has died out. The tool sets can be matched according to the style of surround as it looks extremely classy. Iron and brass are two common materials used for making fireplace tools; chrome, bronze, nickel, wrought iron, copper and pewter are few other materials which have been recently discovered for tool making. The fireplace tools can be styled amazingly with accents which are made from materials like cherry wood and marble.

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Fire baskets :

Fire baskets Fire places minus the fire baskets look dull and boring. Fire baskets blend well with all types of fireplaces be it electric, gas or solid fuel one. Fire baskets in case of ornamental fireplaces can be converted to centerpiece by using innovative ideas like filling it with wood, candles or even with exotic flowers.

Candelabra :

Candelabra Candelabra can add life to fireplaces without the need of of constructing traditional wooden fireplace. A candelabra is a candle holder that is positioned inside the fireplace. The fireplace Candlebra offers the same warm flickering glow which a traditional wooden fireplace imparts, without the additional burden of procuring wood and building one.

Fireguards :

Fireguards Fireguards are extremely practical as they protect children from harming themselves; children usually get attracted to the glow of fireplaces it thereby shields curious hands and faces from the heat. The fireguards are not just practical but are decorative too. Plethora of fireguards are available in the market, select one that best compliments the design of the fireplace.

Mirrors :

Mirrors Mirrors hanging on top of the fireplaces look classy and elegant. It indeed converts the fireplace as the center of attraction. Various styles of mirrors are available, one can mix periods smartly in order to beautify the space and create an amazing focal point.

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