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Finepac Structures is Specialized Column Internal wholesaler India, high quality 3 Phase Separator Suppliers and Exporters from Maharashtra-India, Supplying Globally at Reasonable Price. Contact Now


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Use of Column Internals Suppliers in Maharashtra for High Quality Material Packed column design often overlooks the importance of proper design for the interiors. In the case of distillation columns the vapour and liquid distribution need careful consideration. Only then the performance of the distillation column will be at best level. Internal Design Models You will need packing and supporting material along with the collector trays and liquid vapour distributors. You can get the best selection of suitable tower internals from the Column Internals Suppliers in Maharashtra. Many types of models are possible for the design of the column internals. Deck Riser Type This type of distributor has drip holes provided on the deck surface for the gas to escape. This is given along with the protruded risers. For the redistributor it prevents the liquid from entering into the gas riser by means of riser covers. They are either one-piece or multi- piece. Depending on the diameter of the pipe you may use gaskets. V Weir Notch Type Where you expect fouling you use the V Weir Notch type distributor. You may use them with both the pan type and the deck riser type. But the distribution value of these types remains low because the gas and the liquid share the same flow area. Header Lateral Type

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In this distributor the pipe headers pass the liquid to the laterals. The flow value will depend on the diameter of the column. The application for this distributor type remains limited since the open area is more and the distributor quality is not so good. Pan Type If you have a small column diameter then you use this type of distributor. They have a higher open air for the gas to flow and they use column clips for fastening. Pan type distributors might be multi-piece or single piece. Trough Type In this you have trough parting box and trough sump type along with the trough type. You use this when the column diameter is huge. Here a common parting box or inbuilt sump is used through which the liquid gets distributed to various troughs and goes on to the drip points. Drip points can be on the wall or base of the trough. You can get more information from the Column Internals Suppliers in Maharashtra and then choose the things you need. Flow Multiplication Type These are like trough types but have extra multi dripping points. The dripping points have more dripping points so the flow becomes uniform. You can use these in places where you have low flow rates. Spray Nozzle Type When the beds are deep and you need the distributor in a heat transfer application then you use the spray nozzle type. You can use the spray nozzle with the pipes to standardise the angle of the spray so they distribute an entire area. This type we use in non-fouling applications. To get the best results you must go through all the offerings that manufacturer has. Visit their website and then you can see everything. The team from the website will help you make a choice by asking you for your needs and specifications. Finepac Structures Pvt. Ltd. is earned huge recognition at the international stage as leading manufacturers suppliers and exporters of the comprehensive array of industrial products. Offer Structured Packing Column Trays Mist Eliminator Column Packing Static Mixer Tower Internals and more at market leading prices. Finepac Structures Private Limited Contact Person: Mr. Swapnil Landge/ Mr Sunil Naikwadi

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Street Address: J-25 S-Block MIDC Bhosari Pune - 400026 State: Maharashtra Country: India Landline Phone: +91-20- 66120667 / +91-20- 66120665 Fax Number: +91-20- 27119512 Mobile Phone: +91-8975750760/ +91-9922956149 Email Address: Website:

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