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BUDGET-FRIENDLY WAYS TO STEP OUT WITH AIR TICKET TO SINGAPORE In today’s world amongst the hectic schedule of modern life everyone deserves a relaxing vacation. But the thought of having a tight wallet persuades you to postpone the trip. However it is possible to go on budget friendly trips to certain countries that wouldn’t harm your pocket. Thus here are some tips to choose budget friendly ways to step out with air tickets to Singapore. Say YES to Connecting flights The smarter way to save money on booking aeroplane tickets is by refraining from direct flights. Your goal should be the destination and cheapest ticket cost available for the travel that also offers better connecting flights. Go for an online travel agent website There are many online travel agent websites available on the internet that help you taste the pleasure of travelling in a way that doesnt burn a hole in your pocket. It is safer to use a well-known website that works with all the leading international airlines has hotels worldwide and provides a complete travel package. Most of us avoid these cheap fare airlines doubting their quality. But even if they are low on cost they do maintain their merits and strive to provide the best possible service. At the end of the day it is the destination that matters and not the quality of service that comes for a cheaper price. The revolution in Internet has made it possible to utilise such websites to choose from a wide variety of airlines at the cost and time of our choice. The method to search for flights online on OTA websites has become very easy with a lot of potential in travel service in the future. For example if you are planning a trip to Singapore you can select the origin and destination from a dropdown list and provide the departure and return dates as per your plan. And in one click on the Search Flight button you will see list of various flights that are available as per your specifications. You are also given the option to filter it further based on fare number of stops timings and the like. After a good comparison between the various flight prices you can make your move to book the cheapest airline ticket to Singapore available that suits your plan and budget. Keep an eye out for tour packages Another best and smart approach to make your vacation way cheaper is by opting for tour packages that cover the travel and accommodation expenses. Like mentioned above most of the online travel websites

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lessen the burden for their customers by providing travel holiday packages that include hotels flight + hotel and things to do. Travel packages are always lower in price when compared to the individual expenses on travel and accommodation. Thus it always stands as a smarter way to book for tour packages. Following the above steps breaks you free from the worry of a tight wallet to enjoy the vacation you deserve. Plan smartly and you are good to go

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