Most Exciting Places to Visit in Poland

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Most Exciting Places to Visit in Poland Poland is full is surprises. Outside the Urban Centers there are craggy mountains wooded forests and wondrous waterways to be explored. This lovely country located in the middle of Europe offers a lot of amazing places to see. Poland has a history which dates back almost a thousand years with stunning medieval architecture and its devastation and castles and palaces in every corner of the country therefore there are many places to visit in Poland. Other than this the ancient country is also home to expansive national parks mountains and lakes with seemingly endless trails cutting through virgin nature which waits for being explored.

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It does not matter why you are heading towards Poland we have mentioned the best places to visit in Poland so that it can help you enjoy the weather and the atmosphere of Poland whenever you plan your trip: Best Places to visit in Poland The stunning Krakow It is one of the oldest cities of Poland it was already inhabited in the 7 th Century. A city of stunning architecture fabulous cuisine and an arresting history Krakow offers an evocative atmosphere beyond comparison and thinking. It is home to around 40 urban parks including the 19 th century Planty Park. Just for an unusual in depth look into ancient Krakow and its streets there is the Rynek Underground Museum. Wisdom of Warsaw If you visit Warsaw its world class museums offer an accessible and engaging education on a history that affects us all. The National Museum which chronicles the history of the city also houses the largest collection of painting in Poland – this also includes a number of works of art that came from the Adolf Hitler’s private collection. Other than this for a very different outdoor adventure you can walk down to Krakowskie Przedmiescie Warsaw’s best architectural street. You can easily catch old homes monuments the Presidential Palace and the Polish Academy of sciences in steps to each other.

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The Tatra Mountains Basically the Tatra Mountains and National Park form a natural border between Slovakia and Poland though most of the mountain range falls in Slovakia. Even the highest mountain of Poland that is Rysy is located in the Polish Tatras. At the range of 2500 meters it’s the highest Tatras peak in either country that can be climbed without a park guide. The museums of Wroclaw This city has not always been Polish. It has only officially been part of Poland since 1945 after the end of WWII as it changed some of the border lines in Europe. If you want to learn more about the history of the city then the Lubomirski Museum is a good place to visit. Unlike this the Wroclaw City Museum completes that history with an overview of Wroclaw over the past 1000 years.

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The oldest city Torun Torun’s history dates back to the 8 th century as it is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Torun was not destroyed during WWII therefore the city’s medieval Central Marketplace and its many Gothic houses and wood-beam 16 th - century buildings are still standing. There is a must watch museum in the town which is Muzeum Piernika it is dedicated to a type of gingerbread unique to Poland where visitors can try hands- on baking. With the help of above places to visit in Poland you can easily plan your trip and enjoy it to the best. If you are now planning your trip then easily apply for Poland visa and once you get it you can travel to Poland. Resource link: visit-in-poland/

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