Beaches in Germany- A perfect Backdrop of idyllic beach vacation


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Beaches in Germany- Germany boasts some of the best beaches in Europe. The country is rich in gorgeous coastlines, promising brilliant sun, surf and sand. So get your Germany Visa & indulge in an idyllic beach vacation


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Beaches in Germany- Exquisite sandy corners with plethora of maritime activities Germany may probably not your first choice when you think of white-sand beaches lapped by warm turquoise seas. The country may not be a stereotypical tropical paradise that most discerning beachgoers long for but this little coastline doesn’t lack in sandy corners. Germany boasts some of the best stretches of sugar sand beaches exhilarating water sports coastal comforts in Europe. The plethora of picture-perfect beaches in Germany its quality is sure to leave you awestruck. Ranging from nude beaches to car-free beach resorts from isolated quiet beaches to beaches buzzing with fun Germany has it all. So apply for Germany visa spend your idyllic beach vacation here. Here’s a peek into best beaches in Germany for a remarkably fun summer getaway. Let’s find the space for your beach towel at its 4 best beaches.

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THE TOP 4 BEST BEACHES IN GERMANY THE KAMPEN BEACH Located at the island of Silt KAMPEN BEACH has been a spot of ancient fascination. Standing on a land of historical value it’s every arrangement related to luxurious stay pubs bars endless range of food and cafés has made Kampen beach a rich tourism point. Some fascinating restaurants to try out great food here are Das Gogärtchen Restaurant and Vogerkoje Restaurant. Kampen beach is stretched at 40-km long coastline. Its shallow sea water with rich waves mesmerizes the viewer to take a dip in the cool blue water. The arresting beauty of its white sands against Rotes Kliff is impeccable. It makes you feel as if you landed on a whole other planet and not just one of Germanys best beaches.

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THE WANNSEE BEACH When compared with other European countries Germany may lack a massive amount of coastlines. However it makes up for it with this magnificent inland lake. The Wannsee beach deemed as Wannsee Lake Beach is one of the biggest around Berlin. Situated about 20–25 kilometers southwest of Berlin this shimmering beach offers everything from yachts to rowboats cruise. Other amenities that this beach offers include water slide dressing rooms showers restaurant playgrounds and chair and boat rental. It’s cool calm waters white sand is a welcome respite for beachgoers during summer days.

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THE WARNEMUNDE BEACH Once just a small fishing village founded in 1200 B.C. the Warnemunde beach is now reputed as a great destination for family holidays. Jam-packed with a plethora of attractions nearby this beach provides a great opportunity for boat trips sailing other maritime activities. Climbing up its 19th-century lighthouse is a wonderful way to get an unbeatable view and to see ships bobbing in the horizon. This beach makes a perfect family gateway with its long beach strip fine sand seaside resort parks.

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THE TRAVEMUNDE BEACH The Travemunde beach lies on the boundaries of Lubeck city. It is a charming seaside town that enjoys a reputation of fantastic views. Travemunde has been a favourite seaside destination since 1899. This beach offers plethora of attractions for refreshing summer holidays. These include:  The Pirates Playground for children  The Seegarten with a direct sea view  The popular fishermens harbour where you can buy freshly caught fish or scrumptious fish cuisine directly from the boats  The Passat one of the last surviving windjammers now a floating museum ship event venue a youth vessel.  A historic lighthouse Leuchtturm Travemünde

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Beaches in Germany happen to be its waters ports Mecca boasting everything from surfing to kite surfing to parasailing to windsurfing. Visitors and locals alike are fascinated by its clear turquoise blue waters maritime activities. To relish the irresistible charm of its gorgeous coastlines promising brilliant sun surf and sand apply for Germany Visa UK now Click here: exquisite-sandy-corners-plethora-maritime-activity/

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