Fiinovation Brings Insight on Social Vs Digital Revolution

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Fiinovation Brings Insight on Social Vs Digital Revolution :

Fiinovation Brings Insight on Social Vs Digital Revolution Fiinovation, Fiinovation India

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"Social Revolution" may be used to refer to a uprising in society, for instance the French Revolution, American Civil Rights Movement etc. In simple words, Social Revolution is nothing but a change in our thought process and the way we lead our lives. Fiinovation believes that it has an impact on socio-economic status, political arena and each & every aspect the way we are connected to the society. Generally, common man takes the centre stage in such revolutions which we have witnessed since ages from time to time.

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“ Digital Revolution” known as the third industrial revolution, is the change from analogy, mechanical, and electronic technology to digital technology which began from the late 1950s to the late 1970s with the adoption and proliferation of digital computers and digital record keeping that continues to the present day. Fiinovation reviews that the term also refers to the sweeping changes brought about by digital computing and communication technology during (and after) the latter half of the 20th century . Fiinovation comprehends that the main objective of such revolution is the mass production and widespread use of digital logic circuits, its derived technologies, including the computer, digital cellular phone, and the internet. Currently, these are considered as inseparable tools in a modern society.

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Fiinovation believes that with globalization, digital revolution has grown faster and it has penerated in almost in every nook and corner of the world and in dfferent groups & communities. It has minimized the distances and time taken by people to interact with each other who are living in the different places across the globe. Fiinovation reviews that due to this digital revolution, societies are getting influenced strongly and thus, we can say that a new revolution is making its ground in today’s world which has both positive and negative impact on people.

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Fiinovation reviews the fact that there has been a recent jump in the number Cyber Crimes World wide due to accessibility of digital tools and the technology is playing a major role in the crimes happening at different places of the world. Furthermore , this technology has made us dependent on the gadgets like Smartphones , Ipad without which we cannot even function nowadays. Thus, to know the Do's & Dont's , how to use it effectively & constructively one has to learn and gain adequate knowledge about the technology and its uses as well . Our nation has already launched the campaign of 'Digital India' which is in process achieving the desired results.

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“ Lastly, if people or a society is not modern by its thought process, then no Digital Revolution can develop any society. So, let us merge together in such a way that both the revolutions go forward in the constructive direction with the hope of a better world.”



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