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Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. :

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Fiinovation

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A pioneer in development sector in providing research oriented services, Fiinovation not only establishes itself as an integrated solution enabler but also ensures that quality and simplification is embedded in the complete value chain. Fiinovation does not only convert challenges into opportunities but also aptly designs a strategy to implement the same in the most simplistic manner. Sufficiently justifying its motto, “ Opportunity solutions, Simplified.”

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Through the last five years of its research operations they have not only crafted a niche for themselves but have also ensured that the complete process of understanding Corporate Social Responsibility is simplified and is made more consumable both for the stakeholders and the shareholders.  The phenomenal growth of the company has been fuelled and catalyzed by their exceptional human resource team; the growth has been from a team of four individuals in 2008 to a team of hundred individuals in 2014. 

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The research has also proportionately grown both horizontally and vertically. Fiinovation takes pride in stating that it has been able to put in place Asia’s first proposal research laboratory, which takes the concept research on policy drafting and implementation design a step ahead than the others.  Fiinovation in turn helps the companies engaging in value based corporate social responsibility initiatives to engage with the service provider who has the scientific edge to align the objectives of corporate social responsibility in line with the business objectives of the companies, both in the value chain and the sustainability mechanism.

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A totally separate and an integrated team on corporate social responsibility policy research abreast with the latest technological inputs, tools and the scientific research on CSR ensures a near to perfect sustainable, profitable CSR engagement for businesses across Asia and Africa. The strength to design such a policy comes from the detailed research that is carried out during monitoring and evaluation for implementation in extreme geographic and topographic locations.

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This field research assists Fiinovation in developing a clear and a rational understanding of the core issue on the ground and is complimented by the business research that is carried out for the companies looking at their future objectives and conclusively drafting a design/policy which takes care of the business agenda of the company and directly addressing the core challenge on the ground.  The research is further sublimed by the assessment and the rating mechanism that Fiinovation carries out in detail for CSOs in the country who want to engage with any company engaging in effective corporate social responsibility initiative.

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