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Presentation Description - Fiind Predictive Lead Generation solution helps B2B sales & marketing professionals to identify and build sales pipeline using machine learning algorithms.


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Predictive Lead Generation Discover your market, buyers with precision. 1

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Agenda Build your pipeline Contextual prospect intelligence Identify new markets Validate your territory planning Case studies Anytime, anywhere 2

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3 Build your pipeline Fuel your marketing engine with relevant leads that are not in your pipeline yet. Fiind’s Predictive Lead Generation solution uses machine learning to analyze your existing customers and runs it against our growing library of over 100 million of signals to discover a universe of look-alike prospects in your target markets The success of a marketing team is directly proportional to the pipeline it creates.

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Contextual prospect intelligence = Signals + Context + Access anytime, anywhere Ingest – Using Public and Fiind API’s Built on Azure – Private/Public Advanced algorithms: Profiling, Fuzzy, NLP Proven transformation techniques Best-in-class Analysts Advanced predictive algorithms Visualize data instantaneously Connect to Azure ML Actionable insights and not reports 4

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Requirement for cost reduction; OPEX vs CAPEX; Regional, national or global; Growth vs decline; Government Contracts; Multiple locations; New production facilities; New plant capacity; New product launches; R&D spend New C-level; Hiring for specific roles or skills; Corporate or plant level roles; Employee attrition rate; Employee satisfaction trends; Local or geographically dispersed workforce; Strategic growth or people initiatives Use of analytics and SEO keywords; Analytics to run Ads; E-commerce and mobile commerce features; IoT capabilities; Decentralized operations (leveraging Cloud, ERP, CRM); Integrating business systems with suppliers Product, company or industry related keywords; Relevant blogs/tweets/posts; Management quotes; Promotions on new products; Discussing growth, key initiatives, concerns; Sentiments and feedback Sales Historical transaction data; Firmographics; Campaign response; Attended events and trade shows; Downloaded gated content (white paper, MSDS, TDS); Attended webinar; Examples of signals that predict customer buying intent Omni channel; High audit needs; IoT enabled; B2B; Highly regulated sectors; Trends in M&A; New product developments; Manufacturing; Consumer Goods, Financial, Public Sector, Oil & Gas, Chemicals Advanced Unique High Value Basic Out-of-box Commodity Social Tech People Business Industry 5

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Identify new markets Fiind’s Predictive Lead Generation intelligence helps you identify your total addressable market and serviceable market by segmenting your prospects based on intent, product-fit, match with your existing customers and more. 6 Identify net new leads and foray into newer markets.

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Validate your territory planning Validate your newer sales territories based on prospect buying signals. Validate your newer sales territories based on the signals that you may be looking for in your prospects. Fiind’s predictive account modelling allows you to build your territory roadmap, validate your marketing experiments, justify your investments based on revenue potential and more. 7

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Global Systems Integrator Data Sciences Platform Enterprise ISV Productivity & Platform Sales missing targets Unhappy with leads Growth ambitions Account based Mkt Commercial expansion Enable product launches Accelerate cloud Enable partners +55% +1 hr/day 1K+ leads >2X lift Improvement in qualified marketing leads through targeting of buying Signals, integrated with Dynamics CRM. Saved by focusing on the right Signals with the right accounts, integrated with SFDC CRM. Identified the right leads and message, based on 50+ Signals mapped to the value proposition. In O365 conversions. Identified right upsell/cross-sell customers for O365, CRM, Azure and SQL. Case studies Fiind enables to transform marketing with the ability to sense and respond to potential customers based on buying signals. We now have the equivalent of a Marketing GPS.  Fiind amplifies our sales IQ with easy to use customer buying signals on everyday tools like CRM and Email. Identified the right leads and message, based on 50+ Signals mapped to the value proposition. Ganesh Ramakrishnan CEO, iLink Systems Igor Rikalo COO, O9 Solutions Greg Jung VP – Marketing, Civis Analytics Nicolas Facon Sr. Director, Microsoft Solutions ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ We took a different approach by listening for customer signals that signified buying intent.  Fiind’s solution built on Microsoft Azure resulted in over 2X improvement in conversions. 8

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Delivering prospect intelligence within your apps. Access anytime, anywhere. 9

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Know more about us at +1 (425) 214 4747 THANK YOU! 10

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