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Fiberguide is your one stop source for a large number of Data Center Service suppliers. With the best data center software, we can find the most reasonable data center where you require it, anywhere on the planet. Just click on the link for a free quote or proposition.


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About • Marketing and sales agent in information and communications technology ICT – We market solutions from a large number of carriers through Carrier Sales • We are a one stop shop for IT and telecom services focusing on three core competencies – Data center colocation services – Wide area networking WAN solutions – Internet access • We identify suitable solutions for clients and provide free proposals and/or quotations – Because we don’t work for a single provider we focus on identifying the most suitable solutions for clients – We work with global providers so we endeavor to support clients from anywhere in the world – IT mangers use us as an extension of their teams free of charge to help sift through a plethora or services • We are based in Fairfax Virginia USA – Contact us at by email at or by phone at +1-703- 246-9159 2 © ICT Africa 2017 fiberguide1

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Data center colocation services • Why is colocation becoming imperative for most businesses – As server storage and processing capacity increase so is the electric energy required to power the servers and to cool them down – High bandwidth connectivity required for some applications is readily available in data centers – Data centers are becoming increasingly complex enough to compel most businesses to colocate their servers instead of building and maintaining their own data centers – By colocating businesses take advantage of economies of scale and maintain their servers at lower cost per server without the huge upfront cost required for building a data center – Small and mid sized businesses without the in-house skills and financial muscle to build a data center resort to colocation – According to IDC some companies with data center budgets of up to 10 Million also colocate. By having a provider look after their servers they can focus more on their key business activities • Why would you need Fiberguide – There are thousands of data centers scattered throughout the world making it a challenge for IT managers to sift through the multitudes of providers locations of their data centers and their specifications – We have the tools to quickly search through thousands of data centers to identify the service that best meet your location and specification requirements. – IT managers can take advantage of our services as if we were an extension of their teams at no charge to them. 3 © Fiberguide 2017 fiberguide1

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Wide area networking WAN solutions • Leveraging dozens of carriers we work with Fiberguide can help you identify the best solution to connect your geographically dispersed locations using one of several options • Private leased lines – For a secure dedicated point to point physical connection between two geographically dispersed locations a private line may be an option. Private lines include T1/T3 leased lines and dark fiber. • Carrier Ethernet – Leveraging on broad market penetration Ethernet technology has become very cost efficient. If your locations are within a provider’s Ethernet network you could get high bandwidth at lower prices than competing technologies • MPLS Multiprotocol Label Switching is a protocol used to speed up and shape network traffic flows. – MPLS is the most widely deployed WAN technology available today and several key providers in your area likely have it. • SD-WAN – Software defined WAN is increasingly becoming an important technology to take advantage of the inexpensive public Internet for secure and reliable data communications. • The Fiberguide Advantage – We can let you know which WAN services are in your area and propose and provide a quotation for the most effective solution. All this at no cost to you. © FiberGuide 2017 4 fiberguide1

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Internet Access • Slow speed Internet access is an impediment to business productivity and innovation – It gets worse if your company has moved some or all of its services to the cloud or to a colocation data center – Fast Internet access is a must for the over 80 of businesses with services on the cloud or in colocation data centers • The good news is that most businesses are in the proximity of very high speed Internet access – Most buildings in major metropolis in the US have access to fiber – At least 20 Million residences in the US are connected to 1Gbps broadband – see our article at • But there are still businesses holding on to T1/T3 1.5/45Mbps leased lines ADSL and other slower hybrid fiber co-axial HFC or cable services – Slow Internet connections like these are not suitable for today’s business applications • Why Fiberguide for Internet access – We show you the Internet access services available to you which one is best for your application and provide you with a quotation from one or more of the providers. 5 © FiberGuide 2017 fiberguide1

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