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Tony Busan is credited with the popularisation of mind mapping. Mind mapping is used to articulate and capture thoughts, ideas and information. During this webinar the participants will gain a complete understanding of mind mapping and its elements such as main topic, topics, sub-topics, branches, keywords, colour and images. We will also make a mind map using cloud based software for greater understanding. Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to: 1. Understand the technique and its purpose 2. Gain insights on when and where to use the technique 3. Apply the technique in their day-to-day business analysis activities 4. Identify the software tool associated with the technique. Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited - An Endorsed Education Provider of IIBA®, Canada.


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BABOK® v3 Demystified Webinar Series Chapter: Chennai IIBA® Chapter Date Time: 23-Feb-17 | 6:30 to 7:30 PM IST Topic: Mind Mapping Presenter: Mohan Kumar Subramani CBAP®

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2 Insert Footer Mind Mapping • Mind mapping is used to articulate and capture thoughts ideas and information • Mind maps use images words colour and connected relationships to apply structure and logic to thoughts ideas and information. • Connections are made between ideas by branches that typically have a single keyword associated with them that explain the connection. • Mind maps can be developed individually or as a collaboration exercise. They can be created on paper or with the use of specialized software

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3 Insert Footer Mind Mapping-Business Analyst • Business analysts use mind maps to: • Think through and generate ideas on complex concepts or problems • Explore relationships between the various facets of a problem in a way that inspires creative and critical thinking and • Present a consolidated view of complex concepts or problems • The intent of a mind map is to capture information in a fashion closely resembling how our minds process information

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4 Insert Footer Elements: Mind Mapping 1.Main Topic: • The main topic of a mind map is the thought or concept that is being articulated • Images are frequently used as the main topic because they contain a great deal of information and can be useful in stimulating associated topics 2.Topics: • Topics are thoughts or concepts that expound upon or further articulate the main topic • There can be as many or as few topics as required to fully explore the thought or concept of the main topic

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5 Insert Footer Elements: Mind Mapping 3.Sub-topics: • Sub-topics are thoughts or concepts that expound upon or further articulate the topic and directly relate to the main topic • Their association with the topic is expressed through a branchconnected line that has a keyword associated with it 4.Branches: • Branches are the associations between the main topic topics and sub-topics • Branches include a keyword that clearly articulates the nature of the association

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6 Insert Footer Elements: Mind Mapping 5.Keywords: • Keywords are single words used to articulate the nature of the association of topics or sub-topics connected by a branch • The keywords are useful for both categorizing topics and for triggering additional associations 6.Colour: • Colour may be used to categorize prioritize and analyse topics sub-topics and their associations • Each mind map creator applies colour in a way that best suits their mode of thinking

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7 Insert Footer Elements: Mind Mapping 7.Images: • Images can be used in mind maps to express larger volumes of information that are unable to be expressed in short topic headings • Images are useful in stimulating creativity and innovation by generating additional thoughts ideas and associations

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8 Insert Footer Elements: Mind Mapping

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9 Insert Footer Strengths • Can be used as an effective collaboration and communication tool • Summarizes complex thoughts ideas and information in a way that shows the overall structure • Associations and sub-topics facilitate understanding and decision making • Enable creative problem solving by articulating associations and generating new associations • Can be helpful in preparing and delivering presentations

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10 Insert Footer Limitations • Can be misused as a brainstorming tool and the related documenting of ideas and creating associations may inhibit idea generation • A shared understanding of a mind map can be difficult to communicate

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11 Insert Footer About Fhyzics Fhyzics a leader in Business Analysis Services and Training is an Endorsed Education Provider EEP TM of International Institute of Business Analysis IIBA® Canada. www.fhyzics.com For more details about our course please speak to Bharathi at +91-900-305-9000

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12 Insert Footer Next Webinar: Process Analysis 30-March-2017 Thursday

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14 Insert Footer Thank You Webinar Platform Compliments from Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited Presented By Mr. Mohan Kumar Subramani CBAP® Business Analysis Faculty

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