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ENVIRONMENTAL CHEER AND DANCE COMPETITION In conjunction with Clean & Green Week 2004 Schools Carnival


Objectives Opportunity to showcase their creativity and talents in composing cheers and choreographing dances Spread the environmental message, ‘Everyone has a part to play in keeping Singapore’s OK’.


Categories There will be 3 categories for the competition: Primary school category Secondary school category Open category (JCs, ITEs, polytechnics and universities)


Criteria One entry per school No limit on number of members per team 3 mins Video for preliminary selection 5 selected for finals Lyrics written in English.

Cheering Theme: 

Cheering Theme Original cheer that reflects the theme of Environmental Ownership, spreading the key message: ‘Everyone has a part to play in keeping Singapore’s OK’.


Music Music selected for the dance routine should be appropriate for Clean and Green Week. Bonus points will be awarded for music that is related to environmental issues. Entries accompanied by music played on instruments made from recycled materials will also be credited with extra points. Please bring TWO HIGH-QUALITY copies of your music for the competition. You may use compact discs (CD).


Dance Stunts and ‘high-maneuver’ movements are not allowed in this competition. Judges reserve the rights to disqualify any team with dances that are considered unsafe in any parts of the competition. Bonus points will be given to teams that incorporate environmental themes into their dances.

Costumes and props: 

Costumes and props Bonus points will be awarded to teams with costumes and props made from recycled material.

Judging criteria: 

Judging criteria All teams will be judged according to their relevance to the theme ‘Environmental Ownership’, creativity, overall performance and creativity of use of recycled material as costumes and props.

The judging criteria are as follows:: 

The judging criteria are as follows: Overall performance (with environmental message) 40% Costumes and props 20% Creativity and choreography 20% Technique (rhythm, clarity and entertainment) 10% Precision (unity, spacing, coordination & timing) 10% Grand Total 100%

Submission Requirements and Competition Dates: 

Submission Requirements and Competition Dates Submission of entries by 15 Oct 2004 Short listed schools will be notified via email to the teacher in charge on 22 Oct 2004. Short-listed schools will perform in the finals during the CGW Schools Carnival between 17-19 Nov 04.

Entry Form and Enquiries: 

Entry Form and Enquiries Entry form can be downloaded from the NEA website at For enquiries, please contact Ms Vaanathy Kaliamoorthy at DID: 67319863 or Email:

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