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Introduction and overview of NI Circuit Design Suite 11


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NI Circuit Design Suite:

NI Circuit Design Suite Multisim Ultiboard Multisim MCU

What is NI Multisim?:

What is NI Multisim? Multisim equips educators, students, and professionals with the tools to analyze circuit behavior. The intuitive and easy-to-use software platform combines schematic capture and industry-standard SPICE simulation into a single integrated environment. Multisim abstracts the complexities and difficulties of traditional syntax-based simulation, so you no longer need to be an expert in SPICE to simulate and analyze circuits.

Multisim User Interface:

Multisim User Interface Active Circuit Window Spread Sheet View Active Circuit Tab Scroll left/right Instruments toolbar “In Use” list Main toolbar Menu bar View toolbar Simulation toolbar Design toolbar Standard toolbar Components toolbar

Placing Components:

Placing Components


Components More than 17,000 components

Virtual Instruments:

Virtual Instruments

Analysis Probes:

Analysis Probes

Simulation Error:

Simulation Error

Convergence Assistant:

Convergence Assistant

LabVIEW-Multisim Components:

LabVIEW -Multisim Components

LabVIEW Signal Generator:

LabVIEW Signal Generator

LabVIEW Signal Analyzer:

LabVIEW Signal Analyzer

3D Breadboard View:

3D Breadboard View



Transfer to Ultiboard:

Transfer to Ultiboard



MCU (Microcontroller Unit):

MCU (Microcontroller Unit)

Microcontroller in Multisim:

Microcontroller in Multisim

Steps After Placing Controller Chip:

Steps After Placing Controller Chip

Programming Steps:

Programming Steps

MCU Window Memory View:

MCU Window Memory View

Memory Shown:

Memory Shown

Multisim’s Competitors:

Multisim’s Competitors

Why Multisim?:

Why Multisim? Faster and easier design No need of spice expertise Analog and Digital Simulation Convergence Assistant 3D Breadboard View Virtual Animated Instruments PCB design NI Example Finder

Example #01:

Example #01

Example #02:

Example #02

Example #03:

Example #03

PowerPoint Presentation:


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