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Avail highest standard AC/DC converter modules at Favotek with budget suited price today. We have a wide range of most features offering AC/DC converter modules best designed for easy board mount, chassis mount, DIN Rail mount and external use. To get more of our product details, please check our website today.


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AC/DC Converter Module for DC EV Charging Stations| Buy Now from Favotek:

AC/DC Converter Module for DC EV Charging Stations| Buy Now from Favotek With electric vehicles now viable alternatives in some markets to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, the demand for enhanced AC/DC converter modules for supplying power to charging stations is growing. Currently , all eyes are on China where Evs have gained traction in the rapidly expanding middle class. And also the United States is soon expected to follow the suit. However, for these markets to truly welcome EVs on a large scale they need widespread availability of DC charging infrastructure so that drivers can quickly charge their vehicles. DC charging stations are an attractive choice because they offer much faster charging than a standard AC EV charging pile, which many EV drivers have at home. Today, a DC charging pile with e.g. 120KW can charge around 80% of an EV’s battery in just 30 minutes. As these fast charging technologies improve, the charging time will drop even further.

Challenges on the Horizon for AC/DC Converter Modules:

Challenges on the Horizon for AC/DC Converter Modules Of course, designing a successful AC/DC converter module for supplying power for EV charging presents engineers with many new challenges. For a AC/DC converter module to be a long-term success you must: Enhance output power to shortern the charging time Boost power density, within the set dimensions of the charging station Increase efficiency by boosting the load and decreasing power dissipation Simultaneously, ways to reduce the design’s cost per watt need to be found. Overcoming all of these matters is possible – with the right partner.

Turn to Favotek for High Efficiency and High Power Density AC/DC Converter Modules:

Turn to Favotek for High Efficiency and High Power Density AC/DC Converter Modules Whatever your DC EV charging power supply design needs, Favotek’s portfolio of top quality semiconductors features highly-efficient AC/DC converter modules with a high power density. For a system solution use our MOSFETs and drivers. By partnering with us you gain a market-leader by your side with extensive experience in the area. Let us show you how to make your DC power supply design for EV charging stations a success.


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