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How did audience feedback help me?:

How did audience feedback help me?

Classmate Response:

Classmate Response By asking my classmates during the editing process what techniques worked and what didn’t, I was able to save a large amount of my time by not applying poor techniques throughout the video. An example of this was when I started to apply the Hue and Saturation changes to the video. By asking my classmates to tell me what they thought, I was able to get a level of colour correction that wasn’t as jarring to the audience. Some classmates also helped me to spot continuity errors in my video that I was unable to see, due to watching the same parts of the video so many times. Having a fresh set of eyes were a valuable asset that enabled the continuity to remain constantly accurate throughout the music video.

Survey for my Font:

Survey for my Font When I was creating my digipak and digipak-poster, I needed to have a font that accurately depicted my artist as a musician, which also showed his genre and appealed to the target audience. To do this I asked several random people which of the fonts they preferred after watching the video. Doing this allowed them to better understand what my artist was about, and what the best font for him would be.

Final Viewing:

Final Viewing For the most part, the final viewing of my music video was positive. The introduction of the titles at the beginning received a warm reaction, as it helped to show them all what the genre of the video is , thanks to its unique and distinctive style. The only real change that some people commented on was that the colour correction at some points in the video were still to much. So to combat this I will make one last final edit where the parts of the video are toned down where they need it. By completing this change the music video will be in its final form and ready for formal examination.

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