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Helicopters : 

Helicopters By Robert Holcomb

Leonardo da Vinci : 

Leonardo da Vinci In the early 1480’s Leonardo da Vinci came up with an early design for the helicopter. It was called the “Aerial Screw”.

The French : 

The French Two French brothers, Jacques and Louis Breguet, experimented with airfoils for helicopters

Problem : 

Problem The problem was you can’t always use an airplane to travel

problem : 

problem Especially when you don’t have room for a runway, and have a small area to land in

The first mail helicopter : 

The first mail helicopter The first helicopter to carry mail was in 1947.

Modern helicopter design : 

Modern helicopter design

Rescue Helicopters : 

Rescue Helicopters Fire fighters use helicopters to transport people to the hospital.

ambulance helicopters : 

ambulance helicopters Penn state medical uses the “Life Lion” to transport patients to the hospital

Army Helicopters : 

Army Helicopters Helicopters can also be used to Hurt people instead of help

U.s. army helicopters : 

U.s. army helicopters The U.S. army uses the Blackhawk as an attack helicopter and troop transport.

What do you think? : 

What do you think? The helicopter is a great addition to modern technology.- “Ryan” Very useful.- “Colin” Faster travel than cars.- “7th grader at Cocalico”

Works Cited : 

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Works cited continued… : 

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