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International Affairs - Export Plan


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International Affairs:

International Affairs Export Plan - Liquid Power Group 2: Beatriz Ribeiro Gutierrez, Mohd Farid Razali, Jurij Ossipov, Mehdi Ouadou. 06/12/2012

Content :

Content Introduction Export project Export program Export plan Conclusion Questions


Introduction Liquid Power (Germany) Making the world a better place, with the help of rain. Industrials and consumers goods Brainvisualising: green energy advertising funny


Introduction Our product:

Export Project:

Export Project Internal actors: Marketing External actors: Insurers Governmental Authorities

Export Project:

Export Project Culture Politics Economics Legal Competition Buyer/seller relationship

Export Project:

Export Project Moscow, Russia Capital Heart of russian economy Billionaire more than in L. Infrastructure

Export Program:

Export Program Strategic analysis & solutions New company Global analyses SWOT analysis Internal factors (financing, product range...) External factors (Takeovers, economic growth)

Export Plan:

Export Plan Distribution network: Liquid power Smirnoff Vodkawich Stalin customers Sales network: Partial control Sold through partners Regrouping of exporters

Export Plan:

Export Plan Costs: Marketing price: 10 000 € Profit Margin(20%): 2 000 € Breakeven point: 8 000 € Manufacturing costs(internal) - fixed costs 4 000 € - variables costs 6 000 €

Export Plan:

Export Plan Incoterms: a serie of commercial rules EXW – Ex Works FCA – Free Carrier CPT – Carriage Paid to CIP – Carriage and Insurance Paid to CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight COFACE export insurance Facilitate bussiness-to-business trade

Export Plan:

Export Plan Payment method: Risks: Local political contraints Instruments: Bank to bank transfer Method: After arrival of documents


Conclusion Infiltration into the Russian market Permanent partnership Attract customers with special offers

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