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Interestng Things about Teacup Morkie Puppy Having a designer dog is fast becoming a norm now. They are so tny they can ft into your pocket or bag. They are specially bred for the purpose of using them as accessories not in a bad way. They are so adorable to look at and people love them. You have plenty of optons when it comes to choosing a decoratve pup for yourself. One of the popular designer pups is the Teacup morkie puppy. They are so adorable and tny and can almost ft into a Teacup. Here are some interestng facts about this adorable pup: 1. They are the perfect toy dog The Teacup Morkies puppies are one of the most adorable toy dog breed. They are one of the popular hybrid toy dogs as well. When it comes to designer dogs this one tops the list. Although they cannot ft in a tea cup they can ft into large

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cups and even your pockets and hand bag. They are bred to be small since they are usually meant to be decoratve. 2. They are so light Since they are not just meant to ft into the pocket they are also light weight. Usually they weigh like four to six pounds. They are so lightweight and tny and cute which is why they are so popular. If you are looking for a decoratve tny litle puppy you will fnd Teacup morkie puppy for sale easily. 3. They live long They can live for at least 15 years. This is a human estmate but the tme can vary. Their life expectancy can vary from pup to pup. It all depends on the kind of breeding caring and other things. Nevertheless they are meant to live longer and provide you companionship for many years to come. 4. How they look Teacup Morkie puppies are so adorable to look at. Generally they have sof coat in brown black and white color. Some of the breeds may look like the Maltese or like Yorkshire terriers. Their heads are round in shape and feathered. And they are also known to have beautful almond shaped eyes. You can easily fnd the teacup morkie puppy for sale online or with the breeder. They are one of the best dog breeds when it comes to designer dogs. They are adorable portable and cute and best companion for you as you can easily carry them when you are travelling.

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