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Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Process


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Thank you, FamilyLifeDoc - A GREAT slide to aid in teaching this model! Especially for those visual learners ... Family Institute

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Communicate and clarify concerns Build a trusting and working relationship Build deeper understanding of meanings of personal concerns Extend client’s ability to understand self and others Plan and implement change Encourage client to plan and experiment with change Develop mutually agreeable assessment of the client’s problem(s) Develop specific actions or changes. Build positive end to counseling (termination) In-Depth Exploration Initial Disclosure Commitment to Action The Counseling Process: Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Client work Counselor work The relationship has been painful for you? How would you know he’s doing it right? Then what happens? He’s verbally abusive to the kids You cant be close and safe with each other Oh, that must be so hard I have a short fuse I want you, I just need the anger to stop I see you are fighting FOR the relationship! I will work on the anger He is stronger when he uses softer words Encourages use of softer words

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