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Looking for the best tooth pain treatment in Coventry? Face Dental is available here to take your mind at rest, remove your pain and make you smiling again. http://bit.ly/2fBXr6A


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Home T reatment of Tooth Pain Suggested By Face Dental in Coventry

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Tooth pain is one of the worst types of pian. Anyone can not concentrate on work or anywhere else in this unbearable pain. Following are the major reason of tooth pain: Tooth Decay Periodontitis P ulpitis Tooth Pain Sometimes the pain remains for a short time but sometimes it does not go without a treatment .

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How to do treatment of tooth pain at Home? Pain Medication- Take the medicine like Nurofen from any medical store and get relief from pain. Clove Oil- Apply clove oil at the effected areas of mouth and relieve pain. Use Ginger or Garlic- Chewing the Ginnger or Garlic is also helpful to remove toothache.

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If you could not get relief by using the above methods nad still suffering from pain then come to Face Dental. Here, we wiil give you special treatment to remove your tooth pain and bring a million doller smile on your face.

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Contact Us Face Dental Practice 76 Quinton Rd, Coventry CV3 5FD www.facedental.co.uk info@facedental.co.uk 024 7650 3286 024 7650 1125

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