Tensile Membrane Structures

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Membrane Structures:

Membrane Structures TE Membrane Sdn Bhd specializes in tensile membrane structures and has the goal of delivering top quality and reliable tensile membrane roof systems by means of fabric structures. Our specialization in our niche market of tensile membrane structures has enabled us to provide you with versatility of membrane types unrivalled by our competitors, both local and international.

Tensile Membrane Structures:

Tensile Membrane Structures With our expertise in the areas of tensile fabric structure, we have tremendously exceeded what our clients expect of a roofing system by giving them limitless and free-form design in fabric structures for their buildings and events. Having carefully adhered to standards to meet fabric architecture requirements, TE Membrane Sdn Bhd has gained enormous positive feedbacks from both local market in Malaysia and international clients resulting to more project proposals and construction plans along the way. We have long been experts in the design, build, maintenance and removal of tensile membrane umbrella such as Custom Fabric Structured and Standard Tensioned Umbrellas.

Tensile Membrane Structures Company:

Tensile Membrane Structures Company Our services revolves around a dynamic foundation we have carefully established for over 14 years of experience in tensile membrane structures in design, build, maintain and remove.

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia:

Tensile Membrane Structures Malaysia TE Membrane Sdn Bhd has the best team of architects geared with skill and fresh ideas that create some of the most remarkable tensile membrane structures design to date. They are focused in providing strong general guidelines and solid parameters and passing it to specialists familiar with unique construction methods such as tensile fabric structure. During the design phase, we ensure that everything is covered from specification, tender preparation of getting the rough estimated cost per square metres for the particular project and getting down to the accurate estimate .


temembrane.com Membrane Structures For inquiries please visit : Email address: inquiry@temembrane.com

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