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Reported Speech Questions : 

Reported Speech Questions Yes/ No Questions and Wh- Questions


YES/ NO QUESTIONS We use the reporting verb “ask” when reporting questions. The reporting verbs “Want to know” and “wonder” can also be used but “ask” is more common. We use if or whether when we report yes/ no questions and the structure also changes like Subject+ auxiliary verb/ verb. For example; Sponge Bob asked whether/if we liked him. Do you like me?

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When we change direct questions to reported questions, the verb form often goes one tense back, pronouns change and time expressions often change as in the example. Bart Simpson asked “Will you marry me next year?” . Bart asked her if she would marry him the following year. Will you marry me next year, Mary?

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As it has been said before, we can also use the reporting verbs want to know and wonder instead of ask. Brad Pitt wanted to know if they had watched his movie called Mr. And Mrs. Smith. Brian wondered whether my mother was intersted in rock music. Have they watched my movie called “Mr. And Mrs. Smith? Is your mother interested in rock music?

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We don’t use a question mark in reported question as the sentence is not a question any more. Alice: Did Mary go on holiday last summer? Betty:I don’t know. Alice asked her if Mary had gone on holiday the previous summer.

Exercises : 

Exercises “Could they hear the strange noises coming from the garden last night?”he asked Burcu. “Will she throw a bithday party next week?” asked Rebecca. “Are you angry with me?” wondered my best friend. “Did you see the car which had an accident yesterday in this street?” she wanted to know. “Were your little sister afraid of dogs?” they asked. “Must I wear a special costume for the party tomorrow?” wanted to know Ayşe.

Wh- Questions : 

Wh- Questions In wh- questions, we use the structure: subject + asked/wanted to know/ wondered/ + object pronouns (me,her,him,etc.) + question words (who, when, what, where, etc.)………. Why did you wear this funny hat? Kenny asked me why I had worn that funny hat.

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How long have you been reading that novel? For three days Fred asked Barney how long he had been reading that novel.

Exercises : 

Exercises “Which dress do you like most?” he asked. “What kind of movies do they generally watch” she wanted to know. “How many times has Julia been abroad” I asked Jane. “What are they planning to do in Bursa next weekend?” my mother wondered. Where did you lose your keys yesterday? I asked him. “What should I do next?”my little brother asked me. “Where had you been before you went to the cinema?” my mother wanted to know. “What time is it?” the old man asked me.

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