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All About “Likes” :

All About “Likes” The New Path to Marketing Success on Facebook

About Avenuesocial Inc. :

About Avenuesocial Inc. Avenue Social Inc. is a full service Social Media Agency with over 5000 applications , Fan Pages and Campaigns on the Social & Mobile platforms for brands like Heineken, Sony, Universal and many Fortune 500 companies . We have a qualified team of over 250 professionals spread over 5 countries .

Our Services :

Our Services Avenuesocial Inc. is a leading social media agency in US that provides: Facebook Application Development Mobile Apps Development Community Management Social Marketing Strategies & Maintenance Campaign

Why you need Facebook “Likes”:

Why you need Facebook “Likes” The site is the second most browser on the Internet, behind only a search engine: Google Facebook is enjoyed by students, parents, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies It is expanding within all age groups

Creating an interesting and exciting page:

Creating an interesting and exciting page Your page should be, first and foremost, interesting and exciting Your content must portray that you are an expert, or someone with an opinion that will keep people coming back Have an exciting page and profile picture, this includes the following: Your status updates Your photos Your Links and most importantly Your profile picture

How to be useful to your followers:

How to be useful to your followers Link your homepage Update on a normal schedule Send relevant links on occasions, such as: Events Coupons Sales New employees New members There are a variety of types of content you can share, and these include: Tips and hints Useful pieces of advice Brand new content Exclusive information

Posting Content:

Posting Content It is essential to know when and how to post your Facebook content. Here are some tips: Facebook activity is the highest in the evenings, after work and school Older people tend to log on earlier, while younger people log on late Heavy posting will allow you to get more views and more traffic

Videos and Links:

Videos and Links Videos can create buzz on your page like no other source, and you can link to your video page on a site like YouTube.com Your videos should be exciting and interesting, and they should feature either comedy, shock value or a high level of quality. If you do not have the means to make a polished and professional video, you should make it fun or entertaining. Links should include links to your products, to employees personal pages or to events and promotions

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A simple Facebook search can be your easiest ways of getting likes. You can search by the following categories: Groups Businesses Users Keywords

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Facebook Advertising Advertising on Facebook can be done through the website’s own advertising feature. This program allows you to make your own ads that can be posted on the side of the page of any and all relevant Facebook users. The adds can feature pictures, titles and product/service information.

Internet Marketing:

Internet Marketing There are many forms of Internet marketing that will direct people to your page, and these can product more likes than ever. The most popular types of Internet marketing are: Direct Emails Social networking websites FriendFeed MySpace Digital Business Cards Google Advertisments

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You can promote your Facebook page through your Twitter feed by linking the two accounts. This way, your Twitter posts will show up on Facebook, and direct your visitors there. Twitter Marketing

Social bookmarking, SEO and viral marketing:

Social bookmarking, SEO and viral marketing

The following are some of the most efficient ways of drawing viewers to view and “Like” your page::

The following are some of the most efficient ways of drawing viewers to view and “Like” your page: Blog sites like WordPress and Blogger Bookmarking sites like Reddit.com, Digg.com and StumbleUpon.com Viral marketing – This is also known as buzz marketing, and is completed by physically getting the word out about your page

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Though they can tend to be expensive, buying Facebook likes can allow you to jump your number by the hundreds of thousands in just weeks.

Draw followers from within Facebook:

Draw followers from within Facebook Tag photos and participate in conversations Link with other pages Remind followers Use “notes” and @replies


Conclusion Facebook is global phenomenon in the shape of a social network. An indispensable business and marketing tool for people around the world. “Likes” lead the way in trends of followers, visitors, customers and clients for business pages. Leverage free advertising platform and target the biggest audience.

Addendum: About Avenuesocial Inc.:

Addendum: About Avenuesocial Inc. All About “Likes” was commissioned as a free resource for Facebook users and online businesses by Avenuesocial. Avenuesocial’s team has helped create better and bigger digital media presence and prominence for beginners of social media. We strive every day to make activities of an average Facebook user, count.

Contact Us:

Contact Us Avenuesocial Inc. Plug and PlayTech Center 440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085 – 3869 Phone : (510)-275-4485 Fax : (510)-943-5941 Email : sales@avenuesocial.com Join us: http://www.facebook.com/avenuesocial Follow us: http://twitter.com/avenuesocial1

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