Get To Know About Column Internals

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Column internals is the separation and interaction device used in the column, and the main function inside the column is to help the structured packing. Finepac is a leading column internals manufacturer, exporters, and suppliers located in Pune, India. Visit:-


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Get To Know About Column Internals

Introduction :

Introduction Column internals are the separation and interaction device used in the column, and the main function inside the column is to help the structured packing. Column internals consists of Liquid distributor VEP, Pipe type liquid distributor, Liquid distributor cum collector, Channel type distributor, and Trough type liquid distributor. For random packing, it consists of fan distributor, channel type, multi beam support, antenna type, liquid distributor and bed limiter. Various parts column internal have various functions. The main component whole column internals is the liquid distributor. They have a high liquid separation efficiency.

Applications Of Column Internals:

Applications Of Column Internals The application areas of column internals are very vast. These include Agrochemicals, Pharmaceutical industries, Petrochemical industries, different chemical gas industries, different chemical manufacturing industries, pesticide and fertilizer manufacturing industries, and Aromatic and essential oil companies as well. Different design patterns, different operating methods and various internal functions can be obtained from the industries mentioned above. Depending on your requirements, you can customize your internal structure and provide the finished product.

Trays And Plates In Column Internals:

Trays And Plates In Column Internals In the tray and plate segments, the bubble cap tray is equipped with a riser or chimney in each hole in the tray. The lid is wrapped around the chimney. There is usually room for steam to pass between the cap and the riser. The rising steam passes through the chimney but is limited by the bubble cap and therefore can not get out. It is finally discharged from the slot of the bubble cap and then bubbled through the liquid through the tray.

Tower Internals:

Tower Internals The tower internals refer devices that are used to have efficient separation and flow of vapor and liquid in the tower. You can select the tower internals of your interest from numerous  tower internals manufacturers in Pune . There are many types of designs available in the market and you can customize them according to your needs. You can have the Liquid Distributor combined with Flow Multiplier and other specific components as well.

Types Of Column Internals  :

Types Of Column Internals     Liquid Distributors High turndown rates Liquid loads of 0.02 m3/ m2h to greater than 300 m3 / m2h Distributors for suspensions, fouling or contaminated liquids Liquid Collectors Total or partial draw off Optimized design of collecting troughs for reduced pressure head in the collecting section Liquid collection and mixing

Types Of Column Internals:

Types Of Column Internals Support Plates For physically retaining and supporting packed beds Reduces potential for packing displacement during upset conditions Easy installation and removal Mist Eliminators High efficiency with low pressure drop Easy installation Reduces product loss and operating costs

Types Of Column Internals:

Types Of Column Internals Auxiliary Column Internals Internals complementing collector distributor systems to ensure flawless column performance Chimney tray Flash box Feed devices

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