Column Packing

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Column Packing is suitable for the physical separation of gram quantities of material. Finepac has many years of experience in the design and construction of high-performance column internals, enables us to offer you the best combination of column internals for your application. Visit: -


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Column Packing

Introduction :

In all column systems, packing's can provide optimal performance only when complemented properly designed tower distributors, collectors, supports, and other columns internals for optimum liquid-vapor distribution to the packed beds. Columns are used for distillation, gas absorption and liquid-liquid extraction. The gas-liquid contact of the packed column is continuous as in the case of a column, not stopped . The liquid flows into the column over the packing surface and the stream moves. Introduction

Factors Of Packed Column :

Vacuum system: Low Pressure Drop Small Diameter Column Corrosive System Foaming Lower Liquid Hold-Up Distillation Factors Of Packed Column

Column Packing Design Procedures:

Select packing type and size Determine the column height for the specified separation Determine the column diameter (capacity). To process liquid and vapor flows Select and design the internal functions of the column: packing support, liquid distributor , redistributors, dispenser plates for extraction columns. Column Packing Design Procedures

Objectives Of Packing Design :

The distillation column is operated at a steady reflux ratio. Perform the mass balance calculation in the distillation column. Performance Comparison of Packaging and Tray Column for Distillation Process. Objectives Of Packing Design

Properties Of Packing:

High surface area per volume The pressure drop should be a desirable low level . Properties Of Packing

Packing Material:

Ceramic : - High wettability, corrosion resistance at high temperature, optimal strength Metals : - Excellent strength and excellent wetting Plastics : - They are inexpensive and have excellent strength, but they are less wettability at low liquid velocities. Packing Material

Advantages Of Packed Column:

The column packing is more suitable for handling the foaming system. P acked columns are generally cheaper than equivalent plate columns It is always difficult to install plates and packed columns should be considered for small diameters Low pressure drop than tray columns Pickings can be manufactured for column diameter above 25 mm Lower capital, operating and maintenance costs Simple structure Corrosive solvents can be handled by corrosion resistant packaging materials It has better mass transfer than spray columns Advantages Of Packed Column

Types Of Column Packing :

Random Packing :- Random packing is the packing of a specific geometric shape that is discarded and randomly oriented in a tower. Structured Packing :- Structured packed offers 30% capacities higher than random packed for equal efficiency up to 50% higher at the same capacity. Grid Packing :- Systematically placed packings use an open lattice structure. The device consists of panels that promote mass transfer and improve tear removal. Types Of Column Packing

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