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Presentation on Founder Institute to Oslo audience at Selmer Law Firm


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The World’s Premier Startup Launch Program | FIWorldwide

slide 3: | 01 3 Who are we THE FOUNDER INSTITUTE is an idea-stage accelerator that helps founders launch enduring tech companies through structure mentorship and a global network. OUR MISSION is to ‘Globalize Silicon Valley’ and empower entrepreneurs to build companies that will create one million jobs.

slide 4: | 01 4 Who is it for Idea-Stage MVP-Stage Early-Company If you are employed or just have an idea: ✓ Validate your ideas strategy and pitch ✓ Find Co-Founders early- team members and advisors ✓ Build your company using a proven step-by-step process If you already have an idea or product: ✓ Get expert feedback to improve the product and develop a roadmap ✓ Secure advisors partners and key hires ✓ Go-to-market and begin fundraising if needed If you already have a product and customers: ✓ Get expert feedback to generate traction raise funding or pivot ✓ Secure advisors partners key hires and investors ✓ Launch an enduring business with a global network

slide 5: | 01 5 How do we compare Inspiration Launch Seed-Accelerator Angel/VC Aspiring Founders learn the startup basics through events competitions bootcamps and hackathons. Idea and early-stage Founders create a company and launch with a validated idea plan team product and go-to- market. Teams with a company live product and some traction acquire operating capital to prepare for angel or seed funding. Fast-growth startups raise money from angels or micro-VCs through connections platforms and various networks.

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Partnerships with the Local Startup Ecosystem

slide 7: | 01 7 What are the results 60+ Countries 170+ Cities 15B+ Graduate Portfolio Value 20000+ Jobs Created

slide 8: | 01 8 Graduate results in 2016 alone… 4 Graduate companies acquired 100M+ Raised from investors in 2016 Investors included: VC-Funded Grads: See more Graduates:

slide 9: | 01 9 Why is the Program so Effective

slide 10: | 01 10 1. We focus on Founders You don’t need to submit an idea to apply Learn more: In development since 2008 with leading social scientists One-hour long online psychographic aptitude test 85 accuracy in predicting early entrepreneurial success

slide 11: | 01 11 2. We Focus on Teamwork Learn more at 75 Distributed to the local ecosystem 25 Founder Institute Mentors 25 Directors Graduates 25 Graduates contribute 4 in ‘warrants’ to a 15-year pool Returns are shared with all members of each cohort including Graduates Everyone is incentivized to help build great companies 25

slide 12: | 01 12 3. We Focus on Structure 1. Idea 2. Business 3. Launch 1. Orientation 2. Vision Ideas 3. Research Cust Dev 4. Revenue Modeling 5. Naming Positioning 6. Mentor Idea Review 7. Startup Legal IP 8. Team Advisors 9. Product Development 10.Mentor Progress Review 11.Sales Traction 12.Branding Marketing 13.Bootstrapping Fundraising 14. Graduation See full curriculum:

slide 13: | 01 13 4. We are Tough Total commitment is 20-30 hours/week Founders need to meet min rating thresholds from Mentors to stay in the program Drop outs can enroll in next semester for free 35 Make it to Graduation

slide 14: | 01 14 How does a Founder graduate from the Program • Attend all the sessions in the curriculum • Complete all the challenging company-building assignments • Incorporate a suitable company • Issue a warrant and join the Shared Liquidity Pool

slide 15: | 01 15 • Well-Formed Corporation • Advisory Board of Top Mentors • Significant Product Progress • Leads and Customers • Validated Idea Go-to-Market Strategy • Investment-Worthy Pitch Deck • Clear Actionable Next Steps for Growth After Graduating from the Founder Institute You Will At a Minimum Have….

slide 16: | 01 16 5. We Support our Graduates Beta Angel Seed ✓ Dedicated support contact in Silicon Valley ✓ Private Grad mailing lists ✓ Access to 7500+ mentors ✓ 2M+ in partner discounts ✓ Invites to FI sessions network events FounderX ✓ Economic upside in Liquidity Pool ✓ Dedicated fundraising coach in Silicon Valley ✓ Access to shared database of investors advisors ✓ Pitch deck editing/ feedback ✓ Virtual training sessions ✓ Assistance on building investor pipeline term sheet negotiation ✓ Deal syndication across “Founder Angels” lists ✓ Facilitated introductions to investors advisors ✓ Virtual Demo Days ✓ Office Hours with FI team ✓ Elite partner deals ✓ Business development PR assistance

slide 17: | 01 17 Low Upfront Fees 400 kr Application Fee free for event attendees 7900 kr Early Bird Course Fee - Regular Fee 9900 kr full refund offered before 3rd session 4 Options only due upon funding

slide 18: | 01 18 In Summary the Founder Institute can provide you the structure mentorship and network to make years of progress 
 in just 3.5 months The Founder Institute can provide you the structure mentorship and network needed to launch an enduring company.

slide 19: | 01 19 Thank you Any Questions Pre-application Learn More: To qualify for the launch fellowship and early-bird rates pre-apply with the link below by 11 February

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