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SOLO Taxonomy : 

SOLO Taxonomy @ Malfroy A Way to Assess Thinking and Get the Kids to Assess Themselves

Rationale: : 

Rationale: We want students to be able to assess their own thinking and be able to move themselves to the next level. We want to be able to assess their thinking for the same reason. Thinking is a key competency. SOLO Taxonomy is a RCICT cluster goal. We have had a two day workshop – 3rd day for PLG members, 4th in Term 3. We will have support from cluster schools. It will give some depth to our teaching and learning.

Where to start: : 

Where to start: The language Put up displays of the rubrics Get your kids using the terminology… they’re never too young!

Not just talking the talk : 

Not just talking the talk So let’s look more carefully at the levels:

So how does this work with a topic? : 

So how does this work with a topic?

Some other Examples : 

Some other Examples

What we need you to do : 

What we need you to do Term 2 Put up the display Get your class used to the terminology Design some rubrics Term 3 Plan a unit using the HOT maps – we’ll input more information at another meeting

Please remember : 

Please remember Pam Hook and Julie Mills own the intellectual property rights, so… Don’t post anything as your own The logo is in the SOLO folder Don’t give away the notes to student teachers The school owns and has paid for the rights so you can’t take it with you…just get the next school on board…(but you’re not leaving anyway…)

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From: Pam Hook [] Sent: Monday, 24 May 2010 9:46 p.m.To: Lyn MartinSubject: Re: Blank HOT Maps Stapling the Hooked on Thinking Logo on everything sits very well with me.Please share the HOT Maps resources - I attach the latest versionsBUTLet the school know that after 6 months we expect to be told of ;  a decision to purchase rights to keep using ($1800 plus GST), or their decision to to stop using HOT mapsAsk the schools you share with to contact us to let us know they are sharing the maps and understand the conditions of use (6 months free trial of HOTMaps in MS Ppt, MSWORD and rubrics)Let us know the schools you share with - so we can track them down and invoice them or ask them to stop using the maps after 6 months.ThanksPam

Slide 24: 

SOLO Taxonomy - to help me assess my learning : My understanding of SOLO

Give the kids the final word… : 

Give the kids the final word…

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