Why Should You Go For Custom ERP Solutions for your business

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Go custom for ERP solutions to stay ahead of your competitors. Invest initially to earn the benefits of an advanced and highly scalable system for a longer duration.


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Why Shoul d You Go For Custom ERP Solutions for your business Most organizations face a certain dilemma when it comes to choosing the right software. It becomes difficult for them to decide whether to buy it or build it from scratch. However this choice largely depends on the type and size of business as well as their specific operational needs. If the particular business plans to expand in the future and if it requires software that is scalable to meet future technological requirements then a custom solution is the best fit for the organization. But if their needs are simple and they do not have the resources to invest in customized ERP software then the COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf option is okay for them. It will give them some regular functions that they can do with for the rest of their days. However no business wishes to stay back in the competition which is why bespoke software becomes inevitable to every commercial body out there. Keep scrolling to get a detailed analysis of how a custom solution benefits over the COTS ones:

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Key Requirements Should Be Fulfilled- The most important deciding factor for any software solution is the addressing of key requirements. If a COTS solution does not fulfil at least 80 of the business requirements then there is no point investing in it. Even if the initial costs are higher than usual customized ERP software will meet about 90 of business objectives which is worth the investment. So it is best to choose a custom solution if you want all your business needs to be addressed appropriately. Scalability Of The ERP Software- Most Off-The-Shelf solutions are not extensible to meet the future business needs. As your business grows you will need to upgrade the software system which involves a lot of capital investment. Even if you do that there is no guarantee that you do not have to repeat the procedure again in the future. But customized software is scalable in itself to adjust to your growing technological needs. A few changes here and there will render the system completely up-to-date and able to meet your objectives perfectly. Compatibility With Third Party APIs- You can never expect a COTS solution to be compatible with third party integration for better performance. But if you build your own software system you will be able to integrate other features and APIs as and when you please. Moreover if you have a robust software development team at your back they can make your ERP system more functional and customizable according to the latest industrial standards. Unwanted Features In COTS Solutions- When you buy software off the shelf you are paying for numerous features that you may not need for a long time. Your business is unique in its own way requiring a unique solution that you can tweak according to your needs. Also these extra features may increase your process workaround time and require additional training creating a lot of burden on your organization as a whole. Thus a customized ERP software stands out from the crowd of COTS solutions because of its innovation ability to upgrade and compatibility. It fulfills a business’s specific requirements and enables complex functions to be carried out easily and seamlessly. This is the reason why most businesses are going custom instead of buying COTS solutions that address only a small section of their complicated operations. The only hindering factor is the cost of a custom ERP solution which is quite higher than the ready made software packages. But if you count the benefits you are always on the winning side.

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