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A data center decommission is typically one of the most complex engagements a company will ever go through and there are important steps you can take on your own to avoid costly mistakes.


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The Data Center Decommissioning Checklist

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For whatever reason it’s time time to get out of your data center facilities and begin a full decommission. A data center decommission is typically one of the most complex engagements a company will ever go through and there are important steps you can take on your own to avoid costly mistakes. Decommissioning is a specialized process that many IT professionals simply don’t have a lot of experience with as they typically only come up once every two to three years. Things go much smoother when you can rely on a team with direct experience and specialized knowledge that comes with handling on a regular basis what many IT professionals only encounter every few years. T o help break this complex engagement down into manageable pieces we’ve compiled a Data Center Decommissioning Checklist for you since systems that utilize checklists suffer less mistakes. In this checklist you will receive 12 steps covering how to responsibly decommission aging IT assets and handle the physical destruction of potentially sensitive data. During the planning and implementation phases of your data center decommission refer back to this checklist to stay on track and finish your decommission responsibly effectively and successfully 2 The Data Center Decommissioning Checklist 239.596.2254

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12 Steps to Responsible and Effective Data Center Decommissioning INVENTORY NETWORK Discover and log all servers that are to be decommissioned. Schedule them for decommis- sioning with a buffer for unex- pected circumstances. Disconnect server from net- work. Remove from ACLs subnets and firewalls. LICENCES POWER DOWN Identify and retain all software licenses associated with the server. Cut power to all equipment that’s being decommissioned. CANCELLATIONS REMOVE HARDWARE Schedule the cancellation of any vendor maintenance con- tracts associated with the serv- er or software. Remove servers from their rack or wipe drives inside the rack with data erasure software. DATA BACKUP ERASE OR DESTROY Backup and save any necessary data. Erase or physically destroy all server drives. Data erasureis equally secure and is a more environmentally-friendly op- tion. Additionally value from the drives can be recovered if they’re left intact. 1 5 2 6 3 7 4 8 3 The Data Center Decommissioning Checklist 239.596.2254

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Physical Destruction Checklist Software Data Erasure Checklist -or- Remove drives from arrays and storage systems. Shred or destroy drives Keep records of any physical destruction performed. 8a 8b Erase all SAN drives. This option can risk a breach of data privacy regulations in some instances so double check those that apply to your company. Erase SANs while they are still active remotely or locally Erase any and all Logical unit numbersLUNscontaining customer data. Fulfill security policy requirements and be sure to leave a comprehensive audit trail. Authorize return or resale of the storage area network. Potentially use an ITAD vendor experienced in remarketing assets. This typically eliminates labor costs for the same or a greater return on assets. Double check compliance with key data privacy regulations and protocols before reselling assets. INFO LOG UPDATE INVENTORY Log any necessary information for auditing purposes including a Certificate of Erasure if data erasure has been performed. Correspond with financial/ac- counting department to ensure servers/fixed assets are taken off the books and software li- censes are accounted for and recovered. PACK EQUIPMENT ITAD SERVICES Securely palletize the servers according to safety standards and to prevent damage during transportation. Work with an ITAD IT Asset Dis- position service or recycling company for the physical destruction of any servers no longer viable. 9 11 10 12 4 The Data Center Decommissioning Checklist 239.596.2254

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The Recap IT strategies change to keep pace with client and industry needs. Whether you are moving to the cloud exiting a colocation or replacing infrastructure we’re here to help. At exIT Technologies we provide full service data center decommissioning. We guarantee the best returns for your IT assets. With more than 2 decades in business exIT has grown a global direct to end user remarketing network that allows us to find the best buyers for your assets. Depending on the needs of your particular enterprise we offer direct purchase consignment and hybrid options through various payment methods. The ITAD industry was lacking an effective data center de- commissioning model. Companies were paying ITAD ven- dors to handle equipment removal. At exIT we do things differently. We’ll handle every step of the decommission process free of charge. After that we’ll remarket your assets with industry leading results and share the profits. Decommissioning servers and data centers doesn’t have to be a headache. If you need an ITAD company that will be your partner not just a scrap collector and simplify the process for you reach out to us and get a quote today. A dedicated data center decommissioning specialist will get in touch with you soon. 5 The Data Center Decommissioning Checklist 239.596.2254

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