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Tired of all the old Mobile app designs? Read this article to learn about the Hottest mobile app design trends for 2019.


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Top Mobile App Design Trends For 2019 Designing is so simple and yet so complicated. Many mobile apps had amazing concepts and features but failed just because their poor app designs. It is one of the most underrated aspects of mobile app development that people ignore. If you wish to rectify that mistake by improving your app design or start your next app development project with the integration of top mobile app design trends for 2019 you are in the right place. Without wasting any time let’s dive in straight to the top mobile app design trends you should follow. Gestures are a game changer Gestures are the small animations that occur when you do a particular action on the app like tap swipe or pinch the screen. A good example is when you long press to select an item in the app. But all these gestures are common and quite old school. You need to innovate your app with new ways of gestures. For instance you can add face and hand gestures feature by accessing the mobile’s front camera. Such gestures also speed up the overall app process and keep the users interested in the app. “Good Design is Good Business.” - Thomas Watson Jr.

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Wearable Technology is the future Mobiles are not just the smartphones anymore. They have expanded to various devices one of the categories being the wearable devices. In the next year over 170 million units of just wrist wears are predicted to be sold. For simplicity sake we will only discuss smartwatches the highest sold wearable device. Similar to the smartphones the smartwatch also needs an app that the user will access. Its design is very different and minimalist compared to mobile app design. Your goal as the provider would be to give the most number of features in a small setup. Bring new Material Design Whatever you see on the app the color pallet the text font the placing of each and every element of the app in totality is Material Design. The entire look and feel of the app is based on what type of theme and material design you are going for. Many designs are exhausted by designers all over the world and people are bored with the old designs. If you can bring something new and interesting to the table then you will be adored by the users. Try to think out of the box and make a personalized design for the app instead of mixing two or three presets. Typography will rule 2019 Typography is probably the most ignored section of app designing but it will be one of the hottest mobile design trends of 2019. Imagine if you used Comic Sans MS for a hunting equipment rental app or use the Old English Font for a kindergarten school app for kids. It would certainly be a disaster right That is why typography is very important as it gives the feel of the app and the services it offers to the users. Conclusion So these were my list of top mobile app design trends for 2019. My aim with this article was to give a quick brief of the latest mobile design trends 2019. If you wish to implement any of these trends to your mobile app or learn more about the advance designing trends I suggest you talk to a mobile app design expert.

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