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You can gear up the power of Node.js development and speed up the development cycles using a precise Node.js framework. Want to know which is the best Node.js framework? Check out some popular and most applicable Node.js framework:


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Introduction ■ Built on Chrome’s V8 javascript engine Node.js is an open-source cross-platform runtime environment. Node.js is lightweight and efficient due to its event-driven non-blocking I/O model makes. ■ In simple terms it is a special runtime environment used by the developers to create web apps. Node.JS builds fast scalable server-side web applications. If developing real-time apps with an aim for simultaneous connection of multiple users is your goal then Node.js frameworks are perfect for your project. ■ However it is not a good choice for apps that deal with complex computations. JavaScript is used as Node.JS’ coding language which makes it front-end client-side as well as back- end server-side compatible. Before Node.js’ conception these two sections of app development had to be dealt by two different teams of developers with knowledge in different programming languages. ■ Some of the well-known companies that used Node.JS Development for their websites and applications are Netflix NASA Trello LinkedIn PayPal Uber Walmart and eBay.

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The Two Sorts of Node js Frameworks: ■ Minimal Frameworks • Minimalistic Node js web frameworks are designed with the most primary functions and APIs in order to perk up all the major and imperative aspects of Node.js development procedure. • These Node.js frameworks focus on offering crucial MVC framework features and enhancing the programming experience. ■ Full Stack Frameworks • A full Stack framework effectively enhances the potential of Node.js Essentially • the full stack MVC Framework is designed with all the complete template engines vital application scaffolding persistence libraries and web sockets to speed up the development of real-time scalable web and mobile applications.

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KOA • KOA is developed by the team who has designed Express.js. It is the more precise and effectual adaptation of Express.js for developing web applications and API’s. • KOA has a key feature as Generators which is an approach for reducing the use of callbacks and to handle errors in a better way. Moreover KOA is designed with easy-to-use and efficient methods simplifying the procedure of launching a server and server regarding functionalities. • It incorporates some additional features and its middleware free core makes it all different from the other Node.js frameworks • Some community links for developers to get aquatinted with KOA and discover third-party middleware for it: •GitHub Repository •Examples •Middleware •Wiki •G+ Community •Mailing List •Guide •FAQ

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Express.js • Express.js is one of the mature and well-documented alternatives among the range of Node.js frameworks. This Node js application framework supports a number of plugins and possesses great routing API. It has a minimalist outline allowing developers to have control of each project. • Being a lightweight flexible and straightforward framework Express.js is used to build complete JS or any sort of hybrid web and mobile applications Express.js effectively develops the backend part of MEAN stack together with the AngularJS frontend framework and MongoDB database. • There are multiple frameworks built on Express.js: •ItemsAPI •KeystoneJS •Kraken •Feathers •MEAN •Sails •Bottr •Graphql-yoga •Express Gateway •Hydra-Express •Blueprint •Locomotive

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Sails.js • Sails.js is designed with an aim of bridging the gap between implementation and development facilitating the development of production-ready Node.js apps within few days. • It emulates the well-known MVC pattern of frameworks like Ruby on Rails and supports the requirements of advanced apps. • This Node js framework is best for real-time chat apps enterprise-level Node.js apps multi-player games dashboards and is being used by renowned organizations like Microsoft Verizon and the Detroit Lions. Best Features of Sails.js: •100 JavaScript •Auto-generates REST APIs •Support WebSockets without any additional code •Supports any database integration - MongoDB MySQL Redis PostgreSQL and local disk •Flexible Asset Pipeline - support for SASS LESS CoffeeScript Stylus JST Jade Handlebars and Dust

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Total.js • Total.js is one of the most popular Node.js frameworks in 2018. It is a server-side framework facilitating swift development and low maintenance costs. • Total.js is absolutely scalable and precise for the developers who build reliable websites e-commerce portal REST services real-time applications or applications for IoT Internet of Things. • The framework is modular and modern and quite easy to start with. It does all compressing for you reducing the need for additional tools for making the most of its implementation. Some Useful Total.js Apps •Node.js CMS •Node.js Eshop •SuperAdmin •Flow •Node.js Dashboard •Flowboard •Node.js Messenger

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Meteor • Meteor is a full-stack open source Node.js framework for developing web Android and iOS apps from the similar code base. • It consists of huge community support on GitHub and a complete documentation that assist you how to make real-time mobile and web apps with pure JavaScript. • It is the combination of JavaScript frameworks that runs on the client web-browser and on the Meteor server inside a Node.js container and supports CSS fragments HTML codes and other practical static tools. Why Meteor: •Less Code and More Outcomes •Use same code and build apps for any device •Integrate with popular frameworks and tools

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Catberry • Catberry is one more reliable and robust full stack Node.js framework armed with Flux architecture progressive rendering and isomorphic web- components. With Catberry you can effortlessly build “isomorphic” web apps. • Such apps use the same codebase when running on both client and server-side. Catberry Node.js framework allows you to write the code only once and deploy it as you want. Apps and websites like Flamp and Nsk Kvartal are built with Catberry framework. Benefits of Catberry •Well-tested and production ready •Parallel component rendering in a browser • Manages module dependencies and builds plugins – and Flux for the data layer

slide 13: • is one of the prominent Node.js frameworks for making real-time web applications. Its ability to work on any platform enables it to provide speed and reliability to the end users. • It allows real-time and bidirectional communication between web clients and servers using server-side library for Node.js. and client-side library running in the browser. provides interesting features like storing data associated with each client broadcasting to multiple sockets and asynchronous I/O. • Leading websites like Trello Microsoft Office Zendesk hackathon winners Yammer etc. are using Benefits of •Enables users to concurrently modify a document and track each others changes. •Provides instant messaging and chat functionality •Provides real-time analytics

slide 14: • MEAN.IO is an inclusive JavaScript framework specifically developed for accelerating and simplifying the development process of MEAN stack based web apps. • It consists of a set of tools that lets you flawlessly put together all the MEAN stack technologies i.e. MongoDB Express.js AngularJS and Node.js together with other effective technologies like Bootstrap. MEAN.IO also comes equipped with several other CSS HTML and additional JavaScript codes that significantly decrease the coding time.

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AllcountJS AllcountJS is an open source full-stack Node.js framework allowing swift app development. It is designed to make production-ready mobile and web business applications within the short time span. Another essential aspect of AllcountJS is that it cuts down the amount of code needed to build an application. Hapi.js •Hapi.js is known as the high-performance and light-weight Node.js framework. Its built-in caching feature facilitates developers to run data-intensive real-time apps across multiple devices. •The scalable plug-in architecture of Hapi simplifies the task of distributed teams working on different back-end services..

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■ If you are all set to build your next powerful application then Node.js should not be ignored at any cost. ■ Make sure to go with an appropriate and the best Node js framework so as to build your app effectively and in a smarter way. The above list of Node js frameworks will help you to make a wise selection for your app. ■ Get in touch with us and Hire Node.Js Developers to build your app as per the latest trends. Conclusion

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