Fire Alarm Cables From Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Are a Gre

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Think about how many times Fire Alarm Cables are installed in a construction project. Commercial buildings, homes, schools, and a hundred other applications pop into mind. For more information visit here:


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Fire Alarm Cables From Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Are a Great Value

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But only a few people deal with Fire Alarm Cables. Architects construction company purchasing agents construction supervisors and electricians are the most prevalent group who give Fire Alarm Cables any thought at all. So w hat’ s the big deal Fire Alarm Cables connect the alarm switch to the loud klaxons that alert building tenants to the fire danger and insuring that connection takes place without fail is the duty of the Fire Alarm Cables installed during construction. While no one may really think about those cables and the job they are intended to do it goes without saying lives and property depend upon the quality and construction of the alarm cabling. Saving Lives and Property

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Wires and cables can be purchased from any one of a hundred manufacturers from all over the globe. The question of who to purchase from can get pretty confusing pretty quickly. Many companies in America don ’ t actually manufacture their wire and cable they buy it from someone else and put their name on it. Many of those companies don ’ t really care what they buy as long as it meets the minimum specifications and the price is cheap. Bad idea. By manufacturing their cables in the USA Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists EWCS build to the highest standards in the world. Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Build Superior Fire Alarm Cables Made in the USA With Greater Value Making a product in the United States is still no guarantee of quality if the manufacturer uses lower-grade materials to save money and make more profit. Only by incorporating the best materials can a manufacturer make the claim of superior quality. EWCS uses only the highest quality copper tinning and other components to produce their Fire Alarm Cables.

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Manufacturing wire and cable is a science unto itself. Building codes and construction practices vary from city to city county to county and state to state. How the Fire Alarm Cables will be installed depends upon the local code but one thing that gives EWCS cables a real advantage is it is rated for non-conduit placement in risers or air shafts. That saves money for the installation of the cable without risking functionality. The best example of that is E W CS’ 18 AWG 2 Conductoruit Solid FPLR Riser Rated Shielded Fire Alarm Cable. Getting it Right Isn’t Easy

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The Cable is Just the Beginning What sets EWCS Fire Cabling apart from the crowd are some key factors. Better engineering and construction are two factors. But there is much more to the story. EWCS offers free two-day shippingnormally delivers in 2-3 days to their customers saving time and money. More importantly EWCS sells factory-direct to their customers saving even more money. No need to go to a local distributor who can mark up the products they handle by 40 to 50 or more. Go to and get best deal on the market today. Seven Service Centers Provide Great Customer Service EWCS is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry and having seven service centers across America is proof of that commitment. By providing their products faster EWCS supports customers in a way no other wire and cable manufacturer can. Sales and Customer Service advisers are ready to deal with any issue or need and they ’ r e only a click away. It is one more way Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists keep their customers ahead of the game no matter what the score may be.

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