What is Binary Options Trading? Are Binary Options Scam?


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What is Binary Options Trading? Are Binary Options Trading Scam? Are binary options a good idea for trading? Is trading binary options gambling? If you are thinking to trade binary options, then check this slide. This slide will help you to know the main facts of binary options and its features. Let’s reveal, the truth about binary options trading and how binary option works. Learn what are binary options trading? How binary options work and how to trade binary options? Binary Options Explained - brokers, demo account, asset etc. For more information - https://www.binoption.net/read/binary-options-guides/what-are-binary-options-trading/


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What are Binary Options Trading

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• Binary Options are financial exotic options. • Traders will predict the price according to the market condition. • If you guess correctly you win a payout. If you are a wrong you gain nothing. • The expiry period for binary options is very diverse as short as 30 seconds or last up to a year. Buy a call option Buy a put option When you predict the price of the asset will increase When you predict the price of the asset will decrease Basics on Binary Options

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Types of Binary Options

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T rader buy a call or put option if he thinks the price of the asset will increase or decrease from the current market value. In Touch the market price of the underlying asset much reach the strike price at-least once before the expiry and in the case of No Touch it is the opposite. T raders have to predict whether the price of the asset they have chosen will stay within a given price boundary or stay out of it. Types of Binary Options - Definition High/Low In/Out Touch/ No Touch In Ladder there are multiple price limits and requires different price movement from the current market price. Ladder

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Common terms in Binary Options trading • Binary • Call Option • Put Option • Strike Price • Expiry Date • In the Money • Out the Money • At the Money To know detailed on Common Terms of Binary Options

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Binary options Underlying Assets Commodities crypto forex Stocks Indices

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Example of Underlying Assets Crude Oil Gold Silver DAX 30 FTSE 100 SP 500 Ripple Ethereum Bitcoin Apple Google Barclays PLC AUD/USD USD/JPY EUR/USD Commodities Crypto Forex Indices Stock

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Place your trade Allocate the amount Choose an expiration date Choose market and asset Choose a broker How to Trade Binary Options To know detailed information

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Binary Options Explained with Example A Forex Trader We are using high low/ call put method of binary trading for Forex Traders

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We are choosing EUR/USD as a trading pair where broker offers 90 payout Binary Options Explained with Example

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Binary Options Explained with Example We have chosen 10 minutes as an expiration time

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Binary Options Explained with Example Predict the market price of EUR/USD pair If the price will close above you buy a call option If the market price will close below you buy a put option

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Binary Options Explained with Example A lot of analysis involved to win a trade Guess the asset price accurately Use trading tools and indicators Follow the market news Win the trade with High Payout

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Binary Options Explained with Example Suppose the EUR/USD pair price is 1.14 After the market analysis you decide to buy a call option Deposit 10 If your prediction goes right you will earn a 90 return or get nothing in return

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Binary Options Explained with Example Let’s examine the two scenarios If your prediction is correct EUR/USD price rises above 1.14 after expiry you get 10 + 90 of 10 which is equal to 19. If your prediction is wrong EUR/USD price drops below 1.14 after expiry you get nothing in return i.e. 0.

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Advantages of Trading Binary Options High Payout Percentage Simple Nature of Trading Flexibility in Trading Instruments Flexibility in Time Low Initial Deposit Fast-paced Trading

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Disadvantages of Trading Binary Options Losses are substantial Lack of risk management Not permitted in certain locations Many traders consider trading binary options as gambling

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At the end… Start with a small investment and invest in those markets that you are comfortable with. Find a few strategies which will help you to trade a profitable Binary Options. Greater the price movement higher the payout. Take trading losses as a lesson instead of a setback

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