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We create new opportunities for mobile operators, vendors, and partners to boost performance, reduce cost and retain customers by providing radio frequency map solution to stay ahead of other service provider. Our innovative way of dealing has helped immensely to gain maximum client satisfaction. For more detail;s, visit our website


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VISICOM 3d Map RF Planning 25/2 Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya Street Kyiv Ukraine. Phone: +380442010086

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CONTENTS • 3D Map RF Planning • Digital Map RF Planning • Radio Frequency Planning • Radio Frequency Map • 3D Digital Model • Population Distribution Model • Land Use Data • GeoSpatial Data

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3D Map RF Planning • Development of 3d map rf planning software for the global telecom. • Creation and delivery of geo data. • Leading investor in geospatial software. For more details visit our website planning/

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Digital Map RF Planning High quality geodata is produced for:- • Telecommunication market. • Transport management. • Geo marketing. • Navigation. For more details visit our website planning/

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Radio Frequency Planning The RF Planning process consists of four major stages.  Initial Radio Link Budgeting.  Detailed RF Propagation Modelling.  Fine Tuning and Optimisation.  Continuous Optimisation. For more details visit our website

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Radio Frequency Map Boost performance for:- • Mobile operators. • Vendors. • Partners. Radio frequency map solution is provided:- • reduce cost. • retain customers. For more details visit our website

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3D Digital Model It can deliver • World class 3d digital model and 3d visualization products. • Services available for variety of uses and deliverable in a number of formats. For more details visit our website

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Population Distribution Model • We are the major service provider of population distribution model that helps people to know the increasing number of population in worldwide. Our success ratio has proved in terms of provide advanced and cost effective products. If you have any queries or suggestion then kindly do visit our website. • For more details visit our website

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Land use data • We make recommendations to companies and governmental bodies in relation with land use data. Our specialist sensor predictive model and geo-information solutions are able to ensure by technological research. We also provide unique and effective solution for local entrepreneurs. • For more details visit our website

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GeoSpatial Data • With several years of proven experience behind us we offer a wide range of geo spatial data services that include market research transport water supplies etc. Our efficient work allows customer to reduce operational cost while accelerating the growth of their businesses. • For more details visit our website

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