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The 10x42 Rebel Binocular from Redfield has the build quality and optical performance to make this set of glasses a go-to optic for budget-conscious naturalists and hunters. This durable binocular has a nitrogen-filled, rubber-armored polycarbonate housing that provides weather-resistant performance while remaining lightweight and easy to handle. Rubber gripping ridges on the center focus wheel are deeply knurled and enable precise focusing in wet or cold conditions—even while wearing gloves. Further enhancing the user-friendly features of the Rebel binocular is a comfortable 16mm eye relief and twist-up eyecups that are especially accommodating for eyeglass wearers. Aside from the construction and handling features that Redfield packs into their binoculars, the 10x42 Rebel boasts a fully multicoated optical path that has BaK-4 prism glass. The resulting images are transmitted with enhanced brightness and contrast. An ability to focus to within five feet, as well as an expansive 65° apparent viewing angle make these glasses ideal for close-up viewing tasks like birding; their 10x optics gives them enough magnification power to handle most other recreational observations as well. Redfield backs their entire lineup of sporting optics with a "No Excuses" Lifetime Warranty, which protects the optic against manufacturing and material defects for the life of their original owner. Consistently delivering quality, reliability and affordability is what Redfield strives to do best.


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Redfield Rebel 10X42 Review:

Redfield Rebel 10X42 Review By – BestBinocularsForHunting

Design? Some Photos:

Design? Some Photos Design Verdict The design of the Redfield Rebel 10X42 Binoculars is really beautiful. Worth? I must say, yes!

The Eye Cups:

The eye cups on Redfield rebel are great. The rubber covering is soft and more tactile as compared to what Most Other Binoculars have. As a result, they are very comfortable to use. The rubber enables you to push the eye cups more firmly against your face. This blocks out external light coming from the sides. The twist-up mechanism found on the eyecups also works well for a long eye relief. Non-eyeglass wearers can use the eye cups in their fully extended position while those who Wearing glasses can adjust them to an exact distance for better view. The maximum eye relief is 19mm which makes Redfield rebel one of the binoculars with a long eye relief. The Eye Cups

Nice Glass!:

Use these for birding and hunting, and have found them to be really great for the cost. I compared them to some $ binocs I use at work, and there was really no difference in the optics, but these were a bit heavier. But heavy = steady, too. my only beef is that the strap mounts are pretty tight - in order to use the Nikon suspender harness, I had to fashion loops using black zip ties pulled up to 3/8" dia through the strap mounts. Worked great, though. I would buy another pair. Nice Glass!

Detailed Specifications:

BaK-4 Roof Prisms Fully Multicoated Optics 65° Wide Angle Viewing 4-Foot Close Focus Distance Closed Bridge Configuration Rubber Armored Polycarbonate Housing Center Focus Wheel Nitrogen-Filled Fogproof / Waterproof Twist-Up Rubber Eyecups Tripod Adaptable Detailed Specifications

The Positives:

The binoculars also have a Rain Guard HD technology that provides protection from moisture and rain with its water repellant coating. This pair of binoculars perform well even in low light condition thus making it reliable. These binoculars have 42 mm objective lenses which brings distant objects very close. Redfield Rebel 10X42 binocular is lightweight which makes it easy to carry round. The Positives

The Negatives:

The lens caps on the Redfield binoculars are easy to lose. The Negatives

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Do they come with lens covers or any type of carry strap? A : My Redfield Binoculars came with a very nice attachable/detachable strap as well as lens covers. I am very pleased with the purchase. Q: How are they for long range viewing? A : I've used them for deer season the past week here in PA and they are pretty darn good in my opinion. I had no problem with them fogging up in the rain or snow too. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Customers Say About It?:

Bought 1 pair and liked them. The image is a bit more crisp than my Nikon 10.5x45mm and can focus far and very near. Much lighter than my Nikon's. My wife likes them better than my Nikon's. Bought a second pair for my son in the Air Force. He loves them. The focus is a bit touchy; micro movement between in-focus and out-of-focus, but not a deal-breaker. Great glass for the price. You won't regret this purchase. Best approach is to go to the store and look through several brands as all eyes are not the same and what is clear and bright for one person may not be for another. Within a class of binoculars this is a better technique than relying on brand name and price. I would recommend the Redfield Rebel to anyone looking for a value on good glass. What Customers Say About It?

Detailed Review?:

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