Part 2 SC 2014 Vol Briefing

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The Sites:

The Sites North Sydney Start Site – St Leonards Park 15km Sydney Rides the City Finish Site – Pirrama Park 100km Challenge & 55km Polygon Classic Rest Stop – Halliday Park 100km Challenge & 55km Polygon Classic Rest Stop – Meadowbank Park 100km Challenge & 55km Polygon Classic Finish Site – Cathy Freeman Park

St Leonards Park:

St Leonards Park Riders arriving by 6.00am and all leaving before 8.30am! W hole NOVA 969 Radio Crew T ight schedule here and need riders to be on their way promptly Hours of Operation 6am – 8.30am

Pirrama Park:

Pirrama Park F inish for the 15km Sydney Rides The City Ride Riders Rest stop for the 55km and 100km Riders to be on their way promptly Most riders will arrive between 8.00am - 11.00am – it will be hectic! Focus on safe transition from the route, across the finish, and into bike parking There will be directional signage for riders here but be vocal! Maintain traffic flow and direct riders into/out of park Hours of Operation 6.30am – 2pm

Halliday Park:

Halliday Park M ain rest stop for this year’s 55km and 100km Rides Great place for riders to rest and refuel Rotary running a BBQ, live music , coffee, and fresh made drinks all need to be en route by 11.45am Hours of Operation 7.15am – 12pm

Meadowbank Park:

Meadowbank Park Last rest stop on the 55km and 100km S top in for a water refill and head out quickly Simple site that will have a medical, information, mechanic and free bananas! Rider’s don ’ t know about bananas – tell them all! – Sectors J and K let them know too! Hours of Operation 7.30am – 1pm

Cathy Freeman Park:

Cathy Freeman Park Official Finish Festival for the 55km and 100km Rides! We made it! Rock climbing wall , bike powered smoothies, max wattage competitions, and BMX stunt shows C ongratulating all riders on a job well done and making sure that everyone is having a great time Hours of Operation 8am – 3pm

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