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Industrial grade surge protection devices defend against lightning produced surges. Overvoltages caused by direct lightning, indirect lightning, disconnection of inductive loads or defect in them can have devastating effects on electronic equipment connected to them. Our patented products offer unparalleled performance against lightning and power surges, making it the most reliable form of protection in the entire installation. At Lightning Eliminators & Consultant Inc., we understand that businesses make large capital investments in electronic and electrical equipment and they expect uninterrupted, reliable services from them. Get more information here:


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Capture the Surge - Lightning surge protection devices

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Surge Protection Devices Overvoltages caused by direct lightning indirect lightning disconnection of inductive loads or defect in them can have devastating effects on electronic equipment connected to them. There is a common misconception about power surges – they occur simultaneously with visible sparks and flames. Well this may sometimes be the case but most often surge shows no visible signs and is difficult to detect without an electrical voltage monitor. Over time these surges degrade the electronic equipment leading to complete device failure.

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Surge Protection Devices Adding an effective lightning or transient voltage surge protection to your operation can eliminate voltage surges that cause damage to critically functioning equipment. When installed properly SPDs can diminish the significance of random high energy short duration electrical power transients. Our SP D’ s primary goal is to keep the sites and systems operating safely and reliably.

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Surge Protection Products • Facility Guard – perfect for service entrance and subpanel applications our facility guard provides UL listed protection to industries and commercial facilities. • Transient Limiters – this protection system will prevent the passage of transients and is available in a range of voltages and configurations. • DC Surge Protectors – this SPD ensures maximum lightning safety against fast-rising transients and slower high energy impulses.

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Surge Protection Products • Hybrid Surge Protectors - this is a robust high performance surge protectors appropriate for data lines and telecommunication lines. • Data Line Protectors - these protect communication networks telecom lines control lines using line systems with a built-in fail- safe overload protection and they are available in a range of configurations. • Coaxial line Protectors – all the receivers and emitters of radio signals are very sensitive to surge voltages since they are highly sensitive electronic equipment. Our CLP provides patented gas tube surge protection for all types of coaxial line applications.

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