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A bad meeting:

A bad meeting Julia's story

Scene 1:

Scene 1 Julia is on the computer. She decided to register on the website:

Scene 2:

Scene 2 She saw the boy's photos and was in love. At the exit of the college, she saw at « beautifulteenager » and she folowed him as he asked her.

Scene 3:

Scene 3 Thez arrived in a dark room. The boy asked her to wait a moment. Wait a moment please.

Scene 4:

Scene 4 She waited and one minute after, a grown-up entered in the room, and he locked the door. Julia was affraid. She opened the window and jumped. Unfourtunately, her leg was hurted.

Scene 5:

Scene 5 She ran as fast as she could and went back at her home in spite of her hurted leg. She told her parents and they called the police.

Scene 6:

Scene 6 The grown-up, went to jail. And Julia never returned on

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