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BACKSTAGE OF PODCASTING Something interesting to do By: Mariangely Caldera and Eucaris Garcia

The Podcasting : 

The Podcasting It was like a radio show, because we did kind of an interview and for us, who study Mass Communication was a good experience. We did five shows: Get to now us: introducing ourselves The new era: gadgets Big screen: about movies Unforgettable moments: College Life Free topic: Hollywood´s Life

People in the Podcast : 

People in the Podcast Eucaris Mariangely

The Tools : 

The Tools We used a computer A A microphone Headphones

Bloopers : 

Bloopers When we couldn´t pronunciate the words correctly, we couldn´t stop laughing When we played the audio, we didn´t understand anything We didn´t know what to talk about, and it was hard to chose the questions and topics.

Final Thought : 

Final Thought We learned a lot in all the trimester. We learned how to use authorstream, we visit new pages, such as: IMDB biggest movie data base, Dfilm: to make my own movie. We learned language movies We learned how to make our own cartoon in this web page. Everything in this new trimester was a great experience for us PD: THANK YOU TEACHER!

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