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How do you like your university?Well, I love studying, so I love my career and going to the university. I like it a lot. 2. How many subject are you taking this semester?8 subjects. 3. Are there some professors that you can learn from more easily than others? What are the qualities that make you want to study for a certain professor? Who is your favorite teacher? Yes, there is.. There is one teacher who I love, her name is Gloria Carrillo and I have to say: she is the best. I loved to go to her classes and is very easy to learn from her. She is intelligent and very funny.. COLLEGE LIFE Eucaris García T-621

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5. How did you decide which college to attend? Because a teacher from High School told that the best College to study Mass Communication is Urbe. 6. What are three big differences between your college life so far and your high school days? *The clothes: I don´t have to wear uniform. *Subjects: I have to work harder. *People: my classmates are so much older. 7. Are you more independent from your parents now than you were in high school?No, I´m still the baby of my house. COLLEGE LIFE

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