Data Harmonisation Strategies Break Out Group B

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Strategies for Harmonising Data on ICTs for National Development Break out Group B 9th November 2005


Key Issues Development of ICT policy Need for clear scope of ICTs Multiplicity of data sources, nomenclature, and units of measurement Political will adequate success of data harmonisation exercise


Strategy 1 – ICT Policy Formulation Define ICT policy as opposed to current ‘IT’ policy NCC should pioneer this initiative This policy will clearly define roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders in data harmonisation The policy will be binding on all stakeholders Strategy 2 – Develop Clear Scope of ICTs Define and agree scope of ‘ICT’ data Define level of details for data capture (e.g. computer systems should also include peripherals)


Strategy 3 – Develop Common Understanding of Terms Define each indicator and agree common understanding across all stakeholders Deploy some current indicators and units of measurement as defined by ITU.


Strategy 4 – Define Framework for ICT Data Harmonisation NCC should be the primary and central repository of data and work other agencies such as NBS, NITDA, SON, etc. A Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) should be formed to have overall responsibility for conformance and quality assurance of ICT data collection and processing. JCC should comprise broad stakeholders group and act as liaison between NCC and other external stakeholders JCC should meet on a quarterly basis to review performance and proffer changes


Strategy 5 – Obtain Political Will NCC should obtain all necessary political will to effect acceptance and approval of data harmonisation strategies NCC should identify and develop suitable strategies to carry along other regulatory and other stakeholders NCC should follow the bottom-up approach i.e. NCC (Chairman-EVC-Commissioners) – MOC – Presidency - Stakeholders


Strategy 6 – National Standards NCC should institute quality standards for ICT services as a benchmark against poor performance complaints by consumers Strategy 7 – Develop Human Capacity To achieve all the foregoing, appropriate human capacity development strategy should be put in place

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