The Most Common APA Style Mistakes

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Tips which we present here will help you to avoid the most common APA Style Mistakes in your essay. There is also an article which will be a great support in your writing process


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The Most Common APA Style Mistakes:

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THE APA STYLE IS ONE OF THE MOST WIDELY USED IN TODAY'S ACADEMIC WORLD. However, it might be a challenge for some students to format the paper accordingly because of lack of experience of knowledge. In this article we will review a study which showed the most common mistakes done by the students in APA style in order to give you information and knowledge. LET’S STUDY THEM AND MAKE SURE WE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE STATISTICS.

Page Numbers and Running Head:

Page Numbers and Running Head A study conducted by one of the American universities revealed that 84% of papers turned in for grading had no properly formatted running head or page numbers . They were either absent or formatted improperly. The things to remember here is that running head is the shorter version of title . It should be included in all pages of the document except the first page where a “RUNNING HEADER” is added. The page numbers in APA papers should be included on the top right corner of the page. Ensure you added them into your paper.


Abstract In 2012 more than 50% of papers that should have had the abstract section did not have them. The best way to know whether your paper should have an abstract is see the requirements for writing or ask your professor about it. One of the most common mistakes by the students about the APA abstract is improper format: bolding or applying italics or other effects to the text. It must be understood that the heading of the abstract and its text have the same format and do not have any special effects. It should have 12 size of Times New Roman letters.


1. 84% of the papers had issues with in-text citations. 3. Lots of good grades were lost because of wrong in-text citations as they are an essential part of excellent paper. 4. The paper might have the best content in the world but if it has no proper citations the grade is more likely to be lower. 5. Be careful when citing your sources. 6. Use commas, ampersand and all necessary elements. 7. If you are unsure you can type the last name of the author in the citation, just have it copied by your computer. 8. Another important aspect is alphabetical order of used sources on the last page of the document, which is called “References” in APA. 2. They include improper use of commas, spelling inconsistencies, wrong order of citation and many more.


Other errors which are made by authors include problems with blind review, incorrect margin format, quotations and many more. The most “popular” mistake in this section is references. More than 90% of writers in 2012 have failed formatting the last page of their documents. The best way to avoid reference mistakes is to get yourself thoroughly familiar with techniques of referencing or use online services. Such services require information about the source and automatically create a proper citation based on your details. They have become very popular nowadays and have helped the students to avoid such unacceptable mistakes. They made up to 25% of the failed APA requirements in 2012.



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