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We all have different choices to what career we want to pursue but do we go with our choice? Certainly not . Sometimes we don’t even think it as an option. If you have a passion for something non traditional you may think it to turn into a career as most of the unusual careers have potential to pay you more than usual career choices along with fulfilling your dreams and making you happy & satisfied with the job.

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If you are a graduate in information technology or computer science then you can opt for this career. It is the professional IT certification for a computer scientist who works as a security specialist, foreign investigator, or network defence architect for corporations to help preventing hacking or to track down perpetrators. Good earning potential if you really like playing with software.

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Perfumes are one of the most expensive accessories that everyone wears. All perfumes are required to go through the smell test before coming to the shelf and there the professional smellers are required. It is very important job as the key to sell this product is the fragrance or the smell of the product. That is why it a highly paid job.

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How the greetings are sold in the market? The matter they contain in them is sold not the card. If you have a soft heart and can make a poem out of a feeling, can play with words it is a profession for you.

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Personal shoppers are those professionals who help in shopping clothes or fashion accessories. He/she can consult the client for hair, makeup or clothes anything. It is your hidden quality that can be turned into a profession. There is good earning potential in this career line.

Truck Driver:

Truck Driver If you thought that the truck driver was a poor man by world standards, think again. Because this unusual list will surely make you sit up, notice and make you seriously think about having such a job! Never in your dreams would you have ever thought that truck drivers earn that much! Not all of them do, but most of them do

Air Traffic Controller:

Air Traffic Controller We are not referring to the ATC tower, of course! We mean the people sitting inside the glass dome sitting over a high pole and share every message between the airplane and the controller. Their job is a very busy one and they get paid well over $100,000

Restaurant Manager:

Restaurant Manager If you own the business, you probably earn a hell lot more but here we are talking about the people who have been hired. These people are highly paid and have a relatively easy job that that of the ATCs. They are responsible for the up keeping and everything needed to run a restaurant. The next time you dine at the restaurant, be jealous of him!


Coach Move over coaching the school team or the neighborhood basket ball team. It is time to turn into a pro. As we all know that the managers of the top football teams in the world get paid more than we can even think of. Plus, the benefits they get are immense. One word: It is a risky job and if you're not performing, you're fired immediately.

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