How to Fix a Windows PC Crash Dump

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How To Fix A Windows PC Crash Dump


What Exactly Is Crash Dump? This type of malfunction can happen when a few portions of the processor’s data or RAM memory is erroneously copied to one or more files. It is common among Windows PCs. It used to be most prominent on the Windows 95 edition but subsequent versions have mostly remedied the situation. Even with the remedies over time though, this error still occurs.


What Causes Windows PC Crash Dump? A Crash Dump usually points to some serious and critical errors within your computer system. Some of the possible error causes include:- Corrupt memory Incorrect configurations on hardware Programming errors. Incompatible drivers Faulty Operating system Despite the listed causes for Crash Dumps. Nobody is ever ready for them. A crash dump is classified as an unexpected error simply because it can happen anytime.


Further Information and Manual Repair Most PC users get scared and anxious when a crash dump occurs, which need not be the case. You can easily repair a crash dump without using the help of a computer technician. Follow these simple steps and the malfunction will go away :-


Further Information and Manual Repair (Cont’d) a) Re-Install the Operating System Put the setup CD into the computer disk drive. Once you’ve completed this, reboot the pc. b) Push F8 Push the F8 function key on your keyboard while the pc is re-booting. This takes you to a menu where you should choose “Advanced Boot Options”. c) Click “Repair My Computer” Click on “Repair My Computer” and press the “Return/Enter” key d) Click on the “Start up Repair ” Search for the start-up repair option, and choose it. Subsequently, move to Next. Using this method, the cause of the Crash dump will undoubtedly be recognized and ended after a thorough scan of your system. 1


Further Information and Manual Repair (Cont’d) Disconnect Hardware and Un-Install all Drivers Disconnect and remove any new hardware that is causing your PC to crash dump. Uninstall any drivers you used to install the hardware. If this solves the problem, contact the hardware manufacturer and request latest and updated device drivers. At length, prior to start panicking, see the error information that appears on your own display. Browse to see whether it includes info on a certain driver that you ought to search for and install. Bottom line, remain calm when your computer crash dumps and use the mentioned steps to repair it. 2


How to Fix A Windows PC Crash Dump (Video) Click link to Video (for PDF viewers)


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