8 Pregnancy Habits That Lead To Child Birth


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Women pregnancy habits directly and indirectly affects child birth. There are few habits that lead to increase the risk of child birth defects. So one must take care of habits & diet during pregnancy. Know here more on pregnancy habits http://www.myhealthpharma.com/blog/8-pregnancy-habits-that-lead-to-child-birth-defects.aspx


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8 Pregnancy Habits That Lead To Child Birth Defects:

8 Pregnancy Habits That Lead To Child Birth Defects By MyHealthPharma


Pregnancy is most important part of women. If women live healthy lifestyle , then birth defects can be prevent. Birth healthy baby is depend on the habits of women in pregnancy. Some of the bad habits can lead to child birth defects

Birth Defect:

Birth Defect Birth defect is a health disorder that can be a Birth defects can be of mild nature, which you will eventually make it out, or else of severe nature too. In severe cases, you can tell the difference merely by looking at the baby. physical issue or psychological problem at the time a child is born +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Causes Of Birth Defects:

Causes Of Birth Defects There are many reasons that can lead to birth defects. Mother going through any kind of health issue can have a direct effect on the child. Some of the most important include +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma


Infections Unhealthy lifestyle Weird habits while pregnant Underlying medical problems. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Consuming Alcohol:

Consuming Alcohol Alcohol during pregnancy can have a negative impact on baby in the womb. When a woman drinks, alcohol passes through the bloodstream to fetus. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Avoid Smoking:

Avoid Smoking Tobacco can increase the risk of premature birth, birth defects, low birth weight, as well as fetal death. A recent study states that a woman who smokes during pregnancy is at major risk of having miscarriage. Q uit smoking to have a healthy baby. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Take Medication Without Consulting Doctor:

Take Medication Without Consulting Doctor This habit can be hazardous to baby as well as the mother. This one habit can harm anyone, as it is essential that you consult doctor before using any medications +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Unhealthy Diet:

Unhealthy Diet Eating habits in pregnancy have a major role to play on the unborn baby. Weird pregnancy diet can be dangerous for the mother as well as child. Certain foods may contain toxins, which do not act well on the health of the newborn. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Sedentary Lifestyle:

Sedentary Lifestyle Inactive lifestyle can cause complications. Include some exercises in routine, but be sure to consult doctor on the type of exercises that need to be included during pregnancy. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Excessive Caffeine Usage:

Excessive Caffeine Usage Caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriage. If coffee is used in excessive amount such as more than three mugs in a day, then it may affect the size of fetus +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

Inadequate Sleep:

Inadequate Sleep Healthy sleep is necessary for healthy baby. Inadequate sleep can affect the newborn by causing some birth defects. +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma

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For More info Child Birth Defects +1-430-342-0255 myhealthpharmanews @MyHealthPharma


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