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This article helps you to know about the languages that a web developer should know.


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What Languages Should A Web Developer Know A web developer is a programmer who is expert and engaged in developing applications in World Wide Web that run with http through various web servers to a browser. A web developer need to get updated every time there is a new technology or a language available in the market. There are many programming languages to learn but what are the most essential ones for web developers. To make yourself stand at the top in your field it is important to know what programming language will take your career next level. From many programming languages and among them five languages have great importance in the industry at present. What Languages Should A Web Developer Know There are many websites that offers various courses for web developers and that also includes programming languages. It is up to web developers to choose which language they want to learn. There are free resources such as tutorials and video’s available on internet regarding web development that help developers to learn whatever they want with less cost. A Web developer must need to have skills and knowledge in HTML CSS JavaScript and jQuery ability to use a database by using certain front end tools they must be able to create a single-page application programming coding and scripting on one of the server- side languages or frameworks. However being updated will keep web developers their job stable and move on further. So What Languages Should A Web Developer Know to get a job or to have stability in present job. The top five programming languages that are in demand now are: JavaScript Python Ruby HTML/CSS and PHP. The first and most important programming language a web developer need to know is JavaScript. It is in great demand at present and will not taper at any cost in the nearby future. An application developed by using JavaScript is usable across various web browsers. JavaScript is also used to desktop applications and video games as well. Python is another programming languages that is powerful. Though it is considered as a language for the beginner’s sometimes it is as useful as JavaScript. Many reputed organizations uses Python to develop their applications. Python can be considered as a higher levelled server side script that is works well on both smartphones and desktop. Python adds an invaluable performance to the application particularly for the smartphone browsing. Build Skills With Complex Languages HTML/CSS is a difficult language to learn as it is associated with CSS3. Web developers who use HTML/CSS3 skills set are less when compared to other languages. If you can learn HTML/CSS3 you will stand out from other web developers for sure. Another programming language that have quite high demand at present is Ruby. Just like Python Ruby is also designed to work well on mobile and desktop. Moreover Ruby is easy to learn

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for novice web developers and provides a good foundation to learn other languages that are complicated. PHP is a server side scripting language that is used for most popular blogging platform. These are the best programming languages for web developers who wishes to build a career in this industry.

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