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1. Important Tips on Shipping Freight. 2. Air Shipping – The Fastest Shipment Method. 3. Why Do People Prefer Ocean Freight. 4. Is Intermodal Transportation Right For You? 5. Shipping Container Delivery.


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Learn How T o Utilize Different Transportation Method Air Shipping| Ocean Freight| Intermodal Transportation

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Synopsis i. Important Tips on Shipping Freight ii. Air Shipping – The Fastest Shipment Method iii.Why Do People Prefer Ocean Freight iv.Is Intermodal Transportation Right For You v. Shipping Container Delivery

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Important Tips on Shipping Freight  Right packaging  When you’re shipping freight once it leaves your facility it will be mostly handled by personnel forklifts and other mechanical means tills it arrives at its final destination. Any item that is not properly packaged may likely be destroyed or damaged. To this end it is advisable to package everything on a pallet wrapped with shrink wrap. Make sure all sides are straight. This will further keep your cargo protected. In addition write your shipping information on all sides as pieces of paper sometimes gets damaged while in transit  Compare rates  There are lots of shipping freight companies to choose from. So finding the right one is easy. When you’re shipping freight there are lots of shipping companies offering great deals in order to get your attention. Don’t just go for the first shipping company you find. Do a thorough research shop around and find the best price. Remember shipping freight deals with large packages so every dollar saved is truly worth it. One of the best ways to do this is by contacting as many shipping companies as possible or use online resource. By doing so you’ll definitely come across the best deals that suit your budget

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Important Tips on Shipping Freight  Consider using a broker  A freight broker deals with lots of shipping companies daily and this offers them easy access to great deals from which you can benefit. Furthermore they know the right shipping company to use for a specific location thanks to their accurate databases. Another reason for using a broker is that you provide them with detailed information they find you the best deals and send you the right bill just as you requested. Not only does this save you time but also cut down on paperwork and confusion.  Reduce shipments to one or few pallets  If you’re considering shipping freight in large quantity to a particular location rather than having to package them in different boxes it is best to put them on one pallet and wrap them. not only will this make shipping easier for the freight carrier but also reduce the chance of one box getting damaged misplaced or stolen. In addition to that some freight carriers charge higher depending on the number of packages you have. So by condensing all small shipments into one large one you save more.

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Air Shipping – The Fastest Shipment Method  Why choose air shipping  With lots of factors to put into consideration shipping packages overseas can be a little challenging for some senders. It is however important to have a perfect understanding of how the process works. This is especially important for business owners with clients from different countries. And individuals looking to transfer goods and merchandise to their loved ones overseas should take the time to check out available options as well. That said why do people choose air shipping as a reliable method for shipment overseas over other alternatives Here are some reasons.  Price  When it comes to shipping locally or internationally the first thing to consider is the fare. Shipping overseas can be a little expensive and as such it is wise to do a little comparison. Do a thorough research make calls if possible visit the shipping company’s official website or visit their nearest office to know more about their prices and rates.  Speed  This is one of the areas where air shipping comes out top among competition because it is faster. Shipment takes about 1 or 2 days depending on location. Air shipping comes in handy if you are sending for business purpose.

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Why Do People Prefer Ocean Freight  Affordable  Many businesses opt for air freight shipping only when they are sending perishable items that need to get to their destinations fast. If you’re not constrained by time and not shipping items that are time sensitive then ocean freight has proven to be highly economical and cost-effective than air freight. With an affordable freight price businesses can send large quantities of items and merchandise for less. In addition ocean freight can accommodate items of all sizes and shapes. These include vehicle and heavy machinery. These items cannot be transported by air.  Safety  Ocean freight shipping doesn’t end at the seaport. They extend their services to land as well. How is this possible Ocean freight services are combined with the truck deliveries to move the goods to their final destination. A lot of the shipping companies provide intermodal containers. This is to keep the shipments protected from damage while in transit. For utmost security ocean freight shipping is the ideal option  Environment-friendly  Asides from being safe and cost-effective ocean freight services is also an environmentally friendly option for transporting goods to different locations overseas. It leaves a much smaller carbon footprint on the environment as the modern cargo ship leaves lesser emissions.

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Is Intermodal Transportati on Right For You  Safety – Since intermodal containers are made of steel goods and items are duly protected from all damages. So it is a reliable method of transportation. Gone are the days when you are unsure about the safety of your package. With intermodal transportation you have nothing to worry about.  Convenience – And when it comes to convenience intermodal transportation gives you more than you bargained for. Now you can be assured that your shipment will arrive at its final destination on time and as at when needed without any issues.  Size of the container - Asides from safety intermodal transportation offers different sizes of containers. This makes it easier to transport shipments of all sizes be it vehicles or heavy machinery to their ultimate destination.

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Shipping Container Delivery  Make sure there is an open space of about 70 feet for the truck and container for a 20-foot container. Likewise you need about 100 feet of open space for a 40-foot container.  Provide detailed information and instructions on how you want the container loaded on to the truck. Indicate “doors to truck cab” or “doors to truck rear”. This information should align with the available open space in your site as well as the use of containers.  Also you need a relatively flat and dry spot to place the container. You need to create a space where both the truck and the shipping containers can access easily.

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