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>> Things to Know Before Shipping Freight Internationally. >> Important Factors that Help Select the Best Company for Shipping Freight. >> Two Things to Consider When Choosing Between Air Shipping and Ocean Freight. >> How to Select the Best Ocean Freight Company for Your Business. >> Some Simple Reasons Why Intermodal Transportation is All the Rage Today.


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Things to Know Before Shipping Freight Internationally  Learn more about custom regulations. Even when you have selected a good shipping company it still makes sense to learn more about different custom regulations.  Know about custom fees before sending your shipment. Again your shipping company be handling this but they will make you pay for it.  Learn about time of transit before selecting a company for shipping freight. You should first determine the exact date of delivery and then compare it how long it will take to deliver your shipment.  Understand more about handling the packaging. There are certain requirements you have to follow when shipping goods to different countries.  Be sure to continue searching the internet to find shipping companies with better rates. Many shipping companies update their services rates and other details on their websites.

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Important Factors that Help Select the Best Company for Shipping Freight  Pay Attention to the Transit Time  You should never select a company without paying attention to their transit time. You can certainly opt for shipping via ocean but you may want to avoid it completely if you cannot afford a delay of weeks and sometimes months. It is often a good idea to get some information about the Estimated Transit Time ETT by calculating the difference between the Estimated Time of Departure ETD and the Estimated Time of Arrival ETA to the destination. Just find the ETT and compare it with your unique needs. You should select a company with an ETT best suited to the needs of your supply chain.  Consider the Price  When selecting a company for shipping freight it is important to check how much money you will have to spend. It is important to have a good idea of how much money you can afford to spend. Knowledge about your budget will make it easier to select a right shipping company. If you choose ocean carriers you will have to pay as per the size of your shipment. The price is often calculated by cubic meters in case your shipment is less than container load LCL. Be sure to consider other charges as well when shipping freight across borders. In this case you should consider if you are going to ship FOB or CIF. Both options will have a direct impact on your cost and liability.

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Two Things to Consider When Choosing Between Air Shipping and Ocean Freight  Select the Most Reliable Option  In terms of reliability you can always trust air shipping. It is true that weather and many other factors play a role but you will still find airlines trying their best to follow their schedules. Ocean liners cannot compete with that especially considering the fact that they have already acquired a bad reputation in terms of reliability. Consistent delays are common especially when you do not pay attention to selecting an experienced shipping company. If you are concerned about meeting deadlines you will certainly be much better off sticking with air shipping.  Consider Your Budget  When choosing between air and ocean liners you also need to consider your budget constraints. It is true that you ocean liners cost a lot less than what you usually need to pay for air shipping. It means that if you cannot afford to spend more money you can certainly stick to ocean shipping unless of course you attach more importance to timely deliveries. When it comes to meeting tight deadlines you should be willing to spend more to use air shipping.

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How to Select the Best Ocean Freight Company for Your Business  You have to pay attention to where your current customers are. At the same time you need to consider where your potential customers will be.  Consider the frequency of shipments before finalizing your decision. It is true that you should consider trade lanes but it is even more important to determine how frequently you are going to ship your goods.  Pay attention to the capacity and experience of the freight forwarder you are going to select. Due to the growing customer demand larger freight companies continue to include new ports to their scheduled rotation.  Be sure to compare different shipping companies before putting your money on a particular ocean freight forwarder. By making a comparison you will be able to find a better deal. Using the internet is a great option because many ocean carriers often share schedules servings equipment and prices on their websites.

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Some Simple Reasons Why Intermodal Transportation is All the Rage Today  Intermodal involves moving ocean freight containers using different transportation modes. The containers used here are usually the same size as transferred by ocean carriers or air carriers. This usually means that intermodal transportation can have your freight delivered in a timely manner without being opened during transit. It is due to this particular reason that intermodal transportation has now become one of the most popular transportation modes for exports imports and cross continental shipments. More and more freight forwarders are now relying on intermodal transportation which is the reason why they are now able to offer lower rates and promise increased security of the shipment.  Another reason why intermodal transportation is becoming a popular option is that it has solved an important issue related to the transportation industry and that is the shortage of drivers. With intermodal transportation becoming more common it is now possible for freight forwarders to handle increased demand even when there is a shortage of drivers. Shrinking truck capacity is another issue that intermodal transportation has helped resolve to a certain extent. When freight forwarders do not have to rely on several transportation modes they can offer you better rates that can help you run your business in a more efficient and prolific way.

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